Trainspotting with Angie Brown

Angie Brown is the voice of a generation. While best known for her incredible vocals on some of the greatest dance tracks of all time including Bizarre Inc’s ‘I’m Gonna Get You’ and Motiv8’s ‘Rockin’ For Myself’, this all round powerhouse of a woman is also a DJ and can be found spinning in some of the coolest hangouts around the world. On the release of her latest single ‘Giving Me More’ on Perfect Havoc with production powerhouses ManyFew and Eddie Craig, DMC went Trainspotting with the legend herself to find out what jewels are in her record box.

Todd Terry Ft. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown – Keep On Jumpin’ – Logic Records

Absolutely beautiful, tip-top ‘church mamma’ vocals by Jocelyn Brown and Martha Walsh, produced by the formidable Todd Terry back in the mid-90s. Always a firm favourite, for house music lovers everywhere.

Keep On Jumpin' - Todd Terry feat. M. Wash/J. Brown 1997

JVKE – Golden Hour (Anton Powers Remix) – JVKE

I love this song so much. It’s difficult to put it into words, but it radiates a warmth, sunshine and eternal happiness. To say it’s a feel-good choon is a total understatement. JVKE’s songs always brings the joy.

JVKE - golden hour (Anton Powers Remix)

Disclosure x RAYE – Waterfall – Apollo Records/Warner

If you ask me, the production on this track, is astounding and completely joyous to my ears. RAYE’s vocals are perfect in every way, shape and form; she is a Singer’s singer, and let’s not forget the Disclosure boys, who nailed it as they normally do. Waterfall, is a flavorsome mix of vibrant urban sounds, mixed with a modern-day twist. I love this choon, and I will always play it.

Disclosure x Raye - Waterfall (Official Audio)

Mariah Carey – DREAMLOVER (Def Club Mix) – Columbia/Legacy

There are no words when this track is dropped at party. There is always a cheer, and all hands shoot up in the air on immediate recognition as that house bassline relentlessly excites and delights us. Definitely one of my bad bwoy favourites.

Mariah Carey - Dreamlover (Def Club Mix - Official Audio)

Diana Ross – The Boss – Motown

Always, always, always… A ‘girly girls’ favourite, this one will never let you down. There’s always a scramble towards the dancefloor as soon as we recognize the delicious warm and wonderful voice of the iconic Diana Ross.

Diana Ross - The Boss

Mary J Blige – Just Fine (Motto Blanco Remix)

There is really no other way to say this, but no party is complete until this choon comes busting out of the speakers and spilling on to the dancefloor. Just Fine, is a feel good and absolute enchanting mix of ‘party-time’ joy. It never disappoints and always elevates the audience to that special place. It’s basically spiritual uplifting and will always be one of those tracks that is pulled out to set the tone. I love, love, love Just Fine – the Moto Blanco mix is just exquisite!

Just Fine Moto Blanco Remix Mary J Blige

M-Gee feat. Mica Paris  – Body Swerve (Club Mix) – Swing City Records

No words are needed, but I really have to go there with this bad bwoy. Bodyswerve is house music at its finest. Crafted with sheer love and total respect for real house music. Mica Paris’s vocal delivery is literally on fire, which results in her holding no prisoners. It is a real crowd pleaser so if you want the party to get started, this one will never let you down!

Bodyswerve (Club Mix)

Joe Smooth – Promised Land – D.J. International

Joe Smooth’s Promised Land is a hands-down, stand the ‘test-of-time’ undeniable classic. This choon is for ‘real’ lovers of house music ONLY! Joe’s timeless song is a truly authentic, piano-led, Ibiza anthem. It has an original Chicago house groove flowing throughout the production and an uplifting and heartwarming, big vocal chorus to boot! It blatantly resonates with every cross section of house music lover. It’ll always be a forever popular ‘must-have’ choon in my record box and that of every single house DJ out there!

Joe Smooth - Promised Land

Tori Amos – Professional Widow – EastWest/Atlantic

This is a musical masterpiece of a classic house choon. It shows no mercy in its relentlessness that makes you fall head over heels in love with its fabulous, fresh ‘n’ funky house groove. Professional Wido, always strikes a chord with me as this song was well ahead of its time. This is music that is a work of art, which will never be forgotten. It well and truly championed the way for great house music as it set a blueprint for DJ/producers globally to completely experiment, creatively. This track is an unforgettable trailblazer for great house music.

Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Remix) (Official Music Video)

Duke – So In Love With You (Full Intention Remix) – 4 Play Records Inc.

In truth, it took a little while for me to fall in love with House music as I initially thought this new genre of popular music was very, very repetitive. Basically, house music felt way too experimental and unsophisticated and with not enough melody or lyrics for my taste – until I heard Duke’s So In Love With You. This song was a complete game changer for me. The title of the song says it all as Duke’s voice resounds clear, high and as sweet as a floaty lullaby! This song successfully makes you want to sing along happily with your arms opened wide, receiving its ultimate beauty, whilst wallowing in deep into the enchanting anthem that it has become.

Duke - So In Love With You (Full Intention 12" Mix) 1997

ManyFew x Eddie Craig x Angie Brown ‘Giving Me More’ is out now via Perfect Havoc.