TV Noise

Watch out Ultra! ‘The Hold’ ready to rip Miami up

Interview : Dan Prince

When I told the Buzz Chart office that I was interviewing you today they shouted “tell them ‘The Hold’ goes for the throat rather than the ears and will be massive at Ultra” – thoughts on that?

“Hahaha! We are also really happy with ‘The Hold’! After we got the idea we directly thought it would be a huge track to play live. We focused a lot on the bass, to be as massive as possible. We find that really important while playing tracks live!”

Tell us about the history of the track…

“Three months ago we were playing with some weird synths. When suddenly we got a really raw bass synth we pitched down really low. The result was a really strange perc-sound, which fitted the groove we were looking for. We added a really light kick but that didn’t work at all. After trying couple of different kicks and a lot of layering, it was done. Took us a long time to get that right tho!”

The record has had massive support from most of the big producers on the planet. Who are the names that you immediately look out for to see if they have supported one of your new tracks…?

“We get a lot of tips and help from the guys from Showtek. If they play our tracks, it’s a huge compliment because these guys are just genius. Also the premiere at Avicii’s podcast was a really big deal for us! Then you got #1 Hardwell which is a great support to have. We never met him, but he supports a lot of tracks we make. Nicky Romero is also a big influence for us. His support is a must of course!”

“We couldn’t dance. So we DJ.” Discuss.

“It’s the truth. We were 16 when we started DJing, just because we couldn’t dance! How else would we look cool at that age right?”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning…

TV Noise – The Hold

TV Noise – Just Some Loops w/ Raise Those Hands by R3hab & Bassjackers

Martin Garrix – Animals (Botnek Edit)

Flippers – Trombone (Original Mix)

Hardwell – Spaceman (Headhunterz Remix)

Lucky Date & R3hab – Rip It Up w/ Countdown by Hardwell & MAKJ

Tommie Sunshine & Deorro – Supa Hot Fiya

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload

Wiwek – Angry Birds

I Am Legion – Choosing For You (Nightwatch Remix) w/ Get Loose by Showtek (Tiesto Remix) w/ Revolution 909 by MAKJ & M35

What is each other’s finest quality as a producer?

“We both fill in each other really good. We both start other projects while we are at home. If we go in the studio we often combine these idea’s which is really cool!”

How important to you as producers have Spinnin’ Records been?

“The Spinnin’ team helped us a lot in our career because we learned a lot from them. The good thing is we still really need to work hard to get a Spinnin’ release. That keeps us motivated!”

Your Facebook page is always littered with you alongside one of your big EDM mates, be it Martin Garrix, Showtek or Nicky Romero. Who are your going out mates on the scene, who do you like socializing with when time permits and who cannot handle their booze?

“We love the hang with other DJ’s when we have the time! It depends on where we are. We go to a lot of places and meet a lot of DJ’s, which are always fun to hang out with or talk (whine) about the music nowadays. We’re not seeing a lot of DJ’s that can’t handle their booze actually! But we love to have a little drink with our tour manager when we have the time, haha. We were once in Greece when we had an amazing night playing at Starbeach. After the set we went to our villa which had an security guy working there all night, we had some drinks with him, which was pretty fun! So we could hang with anyybody if we want.”

Check out your DJ diary for 2014, what is the 1 gig you are REALLY FUCKING looking forward to and why?

“We are really looking forward to our gig in Webster Hall, New York. We had to play their 2 months ago, but it was canceled due the snowstorm. We heard it’s amazing so that’s definitely #1 on our list!”

What’s with the name?

“Haha, we get this question a lot! It’s nothing special actually…we were thinking of a cool alias and then suddenly the TV’s went on White Noise. So that was the moment we decided to call ourselves this!”

Let’s rewind for a moment. Take us back a few years when you first discovered dance music…who/what/why/when? 

“Tiesto – Love Comes Again. This track was definitely one of our biggest inspirations! It was also one of the only dance tracks we knew, so there wasn’t a lot of choice, haha.”

What did your families think of your choice of career, did they want you to do something else?

“It’s amazing what support we get from home. Our family and friends are definitely our biggest support from the start. Not sure if we were in this position if our family didn’t support it like this!”

You claim you have the best fans in the world How far do they go?

“They are AMAZING! We get so many lovely messages on our Facebook and Twitter. People are sending us drawings, pictures of TV Noise bracelets, etc. Also on live shows, they are really crazy! We are working on some NOISE snapbacks and iPhone covers we would like to share as a thank you.”

Not many people know this, but TV Noise are really good at…?

“Forgetting stuff. We lose almost everything you can imagine. It’s a real talent.”

And finally, what is coming out next from you guys?

“We just finished 2 amazing tracks in the studio which we are really happy with! So maybe you will hear a famous ID at Ultra…who knows.”