Gui Boratto - III

Gui Boratto – III – (Kompakt)

Gui Boratto - IIIThe eagerly awaited third album from Gui Boratto comfortably lives up to expectations, through a series of tracks that pull at conventional dancefloor rhythms and harmonies. Initially his music is darker than might be expected, with a slower tempo that pulls in references to dub (‘Galuchat’) or a steely edge given to two tougher house tracks (‘Stems From Hell’ and ‘Striker’) that move away from the conventional four to the floor. Boratto continues to explore this tension in ‘The Drill’ and ‘Flying Practice’, but by the time he gets to ‘The Third’ the climate is considerably warmer, and Luciana Villanova’s final entreaty on the only vocal track reminds us that ‘This Is Not The End’. A complete listen to the album, taking in the different colours and emotions in the order described above, is the best way to experience Boratto’s mastery of his material, but this is a well structured record containing some very fine tracks indeed.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood