Afro House surely is the sound of now and after speaking to one of the innovators of the new slice of Afro House personally at the Defected Croatia festival, MoBlack’s Mimmo Falcone, we clearly can see coming true what he said in summer. What he was assuming back then was, that a lot of people will produce and release Afro Influenced songs, but only the key players will really benefit on it. Such a key player is Doug Gomez’ Merecumbe Recordings, even though Dougs output is furthermore special as he adds his Latin influences to many of the tracks he puts out. This makes him stand out from most of the rest and makes Merecumbe a label remarkable. The latest offering might be a little less Latin driven, but still has a lot of Soul and percussion to offer. It comes from bella Napoli resident Andrea Curato, who has had some stunning releases during the last few months on labels like Poji, King Street or Quantize to name but a few. The track itself is more on the soulful side and contains a wonderful vocal offering from Morris Revy, who delivers a modern, memorable approach. Added is a sweet Instrumental, which is wonderful on its own. Large cut!

4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX