Various Artists – Art Department Social Experiment Sampler – No.19 Music

No.19 has amply proved themselves to be one of the more exciting labels around this year with a great succession of singles to date. This is their last release for 2012 and if anything proves that 2013 may be even more exciting. The three track selection forms the basis of next year’s ‘Social Experiment’ compilation and begins with Art Department’s blissful ‘Insomniac’. A ten minute journey into sound that sees funky bass combine with classic eighties styled keys, along with Kenny Glasgow’s typically distinctive vocals to set it all off. Never a dull moment. My Favorite Robot then get twisted with ‘Not Progress’ which drives a sinister bass straight into the heart of haunting synths and beating Toms. As always their music sits in an uneasy fashion and challenges you, but then that just makes it even better in the end. Gregorythme rounds off with the excellent ‘Artifical Tears’ which seemingly builds the tension until breaking point, yet in reality just teases you with an unwinding succession of soulful electronics that end on a very definite high.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton