MC2 – ‘Beat Em Up EP’ – (Chateau Bruyant)

mc2Chateau Bruyant, previously an electro label, has changed its focus to dubstep but still with that sexy lush French filtered electro sound. Marseille’s glitch hop duo MC2 deliver some uber sexy French glitch step funk. ‘Beat Em Up’s intro is electro P Funk synth heaven, crashing into heavily distorted bass, cut up with programmed beats and computer game
parps and whizzes, all carried off with joyous melodic aplomb. You can imagine a conductor waving his stick to an orchestra of dubstep electroid mutants. ‘Feel Roll Ins’ shows MC2’s nastier side, a ferocious, dubstep judderer with fierce chops and razor sharp cut up beats, like Daft Punk on steroids! ‘Computer Slave’ is glitch hop with truck loads of P Funk and bad ass attitude sprinkled with delicate bleeps and a kind of 80’s cop show film score drop! 

Slick, sexy and joyous music; a key moment for anyone’s bass driven DJ set.


Reviewed By SOTO

Listen to release here!: