Buckley – Boogie Bustin – Extended Play

What I love about Buckley’s production is the way that you’re never quite sure what sound is going to hit you next, and what better home than Belfast’s excellent Extended Play for that to happen. The EP’s title track playfully reworks the breadth of his influences into an almost other world computer-funk which constantly excites and informs you. From pulsating electro styled drums to weird synths coupled with fierce old-school stabs this collection of notes and ideas are both creative and thoroughly invigorating. That theme continues throughout with ‘Hanging In B Major’ boasting tinkling pianos and shuffling bass, while ‘The Shift’ explores moodier Techno and Acid possibilities, as the very apt ‘While I’m Up There’ cuts up vocals to excess with a rhythm section to match the energy generated.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton