Jozif – Standard Rising EP – (Culprit)

Jozif’s next release for Culprit does that difficult thing of continuing to push the envelope while keeping you on board. Three new tracks go to make up the EP with the opening ‘Standard Rising’ situated somewhere in-between a jazz/funk guitar, disco syncopation, and uplifting ‘My temperatures rising’ vocals. I wasn’t quite sure on first listen, but by the second you can’t get enough. ‘The Guitar Player’ plays yet more funky guitar, this time over choppy electronics with accompanying vocal samples tuning in. Motown’s original drummer, Benny Benjamin provides the inspiration for final track of the same name with a more intense rhythm section adding fire to the voice-over, leaving the Djebali Remix to heighten the tension further with notable percussion and keys.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton