It’s refreshing to witness Slam going back to their roots. Few might remember that before they made a techy turn the renowned Glaswegian duo started off as fine purveyors of early nineties balearica. From ‘Eterna’ a rather inspired debut to their first remixes (Kym Sims, DSK, Joey Negro, Sunscreem) Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan defined a sun-drenched sound that didn’t shy away from melody and positive vibes. In a similar approach to Ben Watt’s latest nostalgic project (‘Outspoken Part 1’ on Buzzin’ Fly) Slam are going back to house basics with an old-school song that surely wouldn’t have felt out of place during the summer of love. ‘This World’ opts for a classic chord progression and a rare simplicity in the production and arrangement with few elements competing apart from a fierce synthbass, a constant bleep, uplifting strings and a regular 4/4 beat. So it’s pretty much all down to the soulful male singer’s performance and of course the song’s message. Winking gracefully at Joe Smooth’s ‘Promised Land’ and Ce Ce Rogers’ ‘Someday’ ‘This World’ is an homage that doesn’t feel corny or dishonest. As in ‘Lifetimes’ their previous collaboration Chicagobased (and Felix Da Housecat cohort) Tyrone Palmer doesn’t overdo it and manages to convey awareness with emotion. Shopping around for ideas (Riviera, Daft, Tiefschwarz) Phil Kieran delivers another of his popular electro-techno monsters, hellish but kinda groovy in a robotic way. Germany’s Wighnomy Brothers strip it down to almost nothing but the vox and a few clicks whereas Hugg & Pepp (Dahlback funk family) provide a minimal electro builder that eventually climaxes in anthemic fashion.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Jerry Bouthier