Inner City – We All Move Together LP [Armada Music] 

Kevin Saunderson and Dantiez Saunderson set the world on fire in the late 80’s with raw timeless classics ‘Big Fun’, ‘Good Life’ and many more underground electronic attacks. Replacing Paris Grey on vocals with Steffanie Christi’an, they deliver their first artist album in a staggering 30 years. With classic House elements going full circle in that huge leap of time, this collection of 12 fun tracks should be very well received, with them not straying too far from those magical  ingredients that put them on the map in the first place. Highlights are title track ‘We All Move Together’, a jackin dark intro featuring Idris Elba on the chant, the deeper vocal cut ‘Stop and Stare’, and chart friendly ‘Save Me’, which has hit-record written all over it. Very enjoyable package from the legendary Detroit dance outfit.  
Reviewed by Nick Coles  

We All Move Together (Album Mix)