Mannix, Platzdasch & Dix The Remix Series (Masterworks Music)

Smooth grooves are a plenty here on this gorgeous package from Masterworks. Vienna’s Mannix delivers a seductive laid back disco treat, ‘All Because Of You’, driven by an infectious funky guitar groove teased with a soulful vocal hook. Platzdasch & Dix take a hold of the remix controls introducing their mellow vibes, with the High Remix made up of sublime keys and flutes that organically flow over a slow burning deep groove and the superbly chilled ‘Calm Down’ mix with pretty keys, funky bass and perfect percussive beats. Also on this release is Platzdasch & Dix’s original track ’Statement’ – a super infectious, beautifully crafted laid-back spacey outing, which also gets a super Discofied remix from Mannix, who loops up the funkiness, injects some classy brass stabs and filters up the groove to smash the floor. 
5/5 Ratha Gud