Daemmerlicht translates as ‘Fading Light’ – hence the cover – and the theme is taken up by Lorenz Brunner as an intriguing concept for his fifth album as Recondite. In it he uses down tempo electro beats, but the range of styles is subtly far ranging and also quite unsettling, as though the fading light of the title is casting shadows the Bavarian producer would rather we didn’t see. ‘Durch Den Hohlweg’ cleverly incorporates the soft sounds of an organ with these beats, slowly shifting but ever watchful, while ‘Von Der Kanzel’ operates with a bigger, semi-orchestral sound with which Recondite adds some delicate shades. As an ambient album ‘Daemmerlicht’ works beautifully, given a depth that few long players in this area achieve.

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5