Remix Eps/albums are always a kind of struggle because on the one hand side you like to choose the best remixers to take on the perfect Original, on the other hand side the remixes will always be compared to the Originals and often fail to better up the overall feeling.
This is thankfully not the case here with the remixes of S3A’s ‘Pages’ album, that have carefully been selected by the busy Dirty Crew staff.
Starting off with the live disco funk of Lorenz Rhode (who is one of the reasons for the success of Purple Disco Machine) who sets the tone for a classy funky approach that fits soulful floors alongside more peaky territories as well with his take on ‘Clarence J. Broddicker’ (what a track name!) This is followed by the soulful deep house vibes of French master Art Of Tones aka Ludovic Llorca who deliveres 3 different mixes of ‘Friends’ to this release. The main mix is on the vinyl and there are two bonus mixes added to the digital release, a “Beats” and a “Dub” version. Needless to say all three versions are nothing but exceptional music. Ending this brilliant first side is London’s newcomer Dampé who comes up with a deep and jazzy electronica approach of ‘Fever’.
On the flip we pick up the pace with Amsterdam’s Nachtbraker and his remix of ‘Friends’, characterized by his freaky hallucinating sounds placed atop of one of these irresistible bass lines only he can come up with. The package is rounded off by a Detroit ghetto house style mix of ‘Fever’ by Icelandic fire Felix Leifur. All in all this is highly recommended shizzle!

4.5 out of 5”

Reviewed by MANNIX