After part one there comes part two-so far so good you might think especially when part one was huge. This was the case with Sabb’s Radiant Remixes not too long ago which featured key revamps from Armonica and Superflu to name but a few. Now the second part hits us even harder with new interpretations from signature track like ‘Jeopardized’ and ‘Somebody to Love’ Remixers include non other than Oxia, Audiofly, Emanuel Satie, Nicolas Masseyeff, Audiojack and Joeski.
First up, Oxia and Nicolas Masseyeff flip ‘Jeopardized’ into a deep rolling cut with chasing vocals that will get the club under its spell. Audiofly then turn the same track into something even deeper and more spine tingling, with warped bass and magical keys, then UK duo Audiojack go form something similarly warm and chord laced, with sensuous vocals and crisp claps all driving it along.
Next up Emanuel Satie strips things back to make a cut that has the original vocal but more acid pelts of energy and then a dub mix from Oxia and Nicolas Masseyeff provides something more heads down for the club.
My personal pick is the outstanding Joeski Remix of ‘Somebody To Love’ where the Maya frontman really shows all his talent by adding percussive drums, superb synths and a serious hands in the air break to add the whipped cream topping on an already huge release!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX