A new studio album for Scanner – aka Robin Rimbaud – is a rare event indeed, so it’s great to welcome him back in the arms of the excellent Glacial Movements label. ‘The Great Crater’ is based on the unexpected appearance of strange circles in Antarctica, due to melting ice. It would seem Rimbaud is responding emotionally to the disappearance of the ice, for a good deal of his music is shot through with dark sentiments and even anger, for when the strings and big percussion kick in to ‘The Scar’ we could be on the set of a horror film. By contrast the wide open spaces in which Rimbaud operates are comforting, especially when he uses slowly moving loops that travel forward with stately but inevitable strength. ‘Moving Forwards’, the closing track, is light and graceful and appears to be part of a resolve to calm the fears created earlier on. If you like modern classical music and want electronic dressing, Scanner’s music is wholly fit for purpose, and makes compelling and surprisingly emotional listening throughout.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5