Tresor aren’t primarily regarded as an ambient label, yet with this compilation they are trying a more reserved approach to the celebration of 25 years at the top of the electronic game. This compilation rounds up twelve thoughtful, ambient and occasionally moody pieces of techno that rub shoulders really well. The contrasts move from the repetitive and hypnotic Terrence Dixon track ‘The Switch’, while Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald strut out into the open with the surprisingly funky ‘Electric Dub’. Thomas Fehlmann adds a bit of funk too with Silverness, but when we get to Donato Dozzy there is a sharp edge, the insistent, acid-type lower range of ‘The Night Rider’ leaving an imprint. These tracks are really well chosen, never going down the bland ambient techno channel as they reveal subtle innovations of rhythm, harmony or atmosphere. Another feather in Tresor’s cap, which is pretty well adorned by now!
5 out of 5
Ben Hogwood