Descibed by their PR as ‘exploratory sound design’, this second in the Weightless compilation EP series presents six intriguing tracks that vary wildly in scale and substance. When you hear ‘Café Del Mar’, from Mumdance & Logos (no relation to the Energy 52 original by the way) your speakers will probably move an inch, so wide is the scope of big, cinematic sound. This is by no means a template though, for Yamaneko’s ‘Shadow Temple Early’ is far more delicate, its sounds like drops of electronic rain. Inkke’s ‘Pioneer’ enjoys sharp, single synth lines, while Shapednoise and FIS explore big, concrete blocks of sound. To finish with, Sharp Veins offer a woozy, distorted view of their surroundings in ‘Deep Core Consciousness’. This is the sort of compilation that shows just how many directions there are for electronic music to take you.
4 out of 5
Ben Hogwood