Boy George

Boy George

 A much loved British institution talks to DMC’s Dan Prince.

Boy GeorgeGeorge, one of the finest musicians the UK has ever been lucky to have witnessed. You sprang into our world at the Barnehurst Hospital in Bexley on June 14th 1961. You had a full homelife with your mum and dad and siblings, who got you into music back then?
“Well I really looked up to my brother Richard the most. He had the coolest clothes too, I was fascinated with his 70s wardrobe. Musically he was into people like Bowie, Alice Cooper and T-Rex. My dad was a builder and also a house clearerer and used to bring so many records back home from work, mostly jazz. I still have so many Pearl Bailey albums which I treasure to this day. It’s funny…even back then when I was a kid, I wanted to be an adult.”

What do you think of the world of Pop Music today?

“Dan, it’s so sad. It’s all about advertising, music soundtracks, TV shows and big brands. When I was making music, it was all about pioneering our sound into the clubs. That’s all changed.”

How was your family with you when told them you were gay?

“Oh they were fine. Whenever people are a bit different in life you get shit thrown at you all of the time. We saw the funny side. Take some of my brothers and me, we all had silly nicknames for each other. So I was called Puff, Richard was nicknamed Ginger Nut, Kevin was called Brains and so on…”

You are back on the road singing again as well as still being one of the most in demand DJs in the world. Still enjoying it all?
“I love it. I had to put a lot of practise into the DJing side of things and I think as a DJ you really have to be into it. It’s not for the faint hearted, there’s a lot of late nights but as I don’t drink, there are no hangovers. I once again feel very passionate again about my goals and aims with my music.”

You have had quite a colourful life to say the least…

Well my life is much more stable these days. Everything in the past is history. We’ve all done stupid things, myself and prison was very stupid. But I was brought up well and I was taught that you just have to deal with it and move on. Which is what I’ve done.”

What has been the best club you’ve rocked in 2011?

“A couple stand out. Venus in Manchester is great, totally vibey like an old skool rave. Also, Carpe-Diem in Croatia has such a mental, up for it crowd.”

So you have got rid of your flying problem then, I once booked you for a gig in Ibiza at Pacha with Sasha and your then manager cancelled a couple of days before saying you were were scared of flying and not up for it?
“What a lying cow! No I have never had a problem flying, there must have been a good reason to cancel. Ha ha!”

What’s the best album ever made?

“David Bowie’s ‘Hunky Dory’.”

Best vocalist of all time?

“Gladys Knight.”

Last good film you saw?

“Troll Hunter.”

How did you beat your addiction to drugs?
“Going to NA was the best decision I have ever made. I had nowhere else to go, it was either go down with it or stop. You really have to work it at it hard though.”

I bumped into you at The Crazy Bear in Oxfordshire the other day and must admit, you are looking very fit pal...
“I am very healthy these days. I’m eating well, my diet is completely raw and I exercise regularly at the gym or kickboxing.”

What’s next on the vocal side of things…?

“‘Turn 2 Dust’ is just out which I’m proud of. I still believe a great song with a strong message can be life changing. Myself and Marc Vedo’s label VG latest release Nocturne The Blonde’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ remake is out now too.”

Boy George will be starring at the launch of ‘BBM ME’ at The Hoxton Pony in London on Saturday October 1st alongside Tony English, Loose Cannons and Popcox at what looks like a great new addition to Saturday night in town. The 1st person to e-mail ‘BOYGEORGECOMP’ to will win a pair of tickets.Follow for news and exclusives.