Back To Mine with 747

Back To Mine with 747


Blind Observatory – Way

This entire EP is amazing, but Way is extra special. A nice breakbeat, acid, and moving pads that never end. Everything I love in a track. There’s also an extra secret version of it on his next EP.


Choice – Acid Eiffel

A very famous acid track, and it obviously has had a huge influence on my productions. Lush pads and one of the most expertly programmed acid lines I’ve ever heard. The vibe completely changes during the sections of the song with the pads and the sections without. That contrast is the main reason why I love to use pads as a centerpiece in my own productions.

Choice - Acid Eiffel


Tiga – Mind Dimension 2

Probably one of my favourite tracks growing up. Actually, definitely my favourite. It was my first exposure to 303 sounds although at the time I don’t think I knew what a 303 was, but it didn’t matter. Only HE knows how to take awful sounds and put them together to make something beautiful. No wonder he has people naming children after him. I might do the same. Tiga for Prime Minister.

Tiga - Mind Dimension 2 (Original Mix)


Artefakt – The Final Theory

An acidic journey by some of my favourite producers. I love when a 303 is programmed to have that squelchy buzz that tickles your ears, and these guys do it perfectly here. Also check their LP Kinship for some more songs like this.

Artefakt - The Final Theory [FIELD21]


Daft Punk – Veridis Quo

With Daft Punk being the gateway into electronic music for me, I have to include them here. I could easily list them all, but Veridis Quo stands out for me personally. Perfect for all times of the day.

Daft Punk - Veridis Quo (Official Video)


Mr. Fingers – Qwazars

The whole EP here is excellent, but Qwazars is my pick. It has a perfect chilled out vibe with a soft kick and slowly evolving pads. When the piano chords come in is where the song really stands out from the rest for me.


I Hate Models – Shades of Night

My favourite producer at the moment. His latest EPs and remixes have all been excellent, but this one is still my favourite. The synths in the song are beautifully distorted in classic I Hate Models fashion, and to me this is the secret gem on this widely successful and loved EP.

I Hate Models - Shades of Night [ARTS020]


DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano

One of my all time favourites, and my favourite Ed Banger member. I never got a chance to see him live, but his music was very inspirational for me and this track in particular has racked up a lot of plays over the years. Mehdi forever.

DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Official Audio)


Stenny – How The Story Ends

I greatly admire producers who can execute different genres so well. This one is an emotional trip featuring classic Stenny distorted lo-fi synths and drums that the Ilian Tape crew have basically put a patent on.


nthng – Untitled (Human Pt 2)

What would this list be without a nthng track? This one was released on his album sampler, and isn’t actually on the LP, but it’s one of my favourites by him. It reuses his famous rhythmic sample used on Human, but is much more chilled out than the original. The song has a nice wide stereo feel to it that really fills up your ears when listening.

nthng - Untitled (Human Pt.II) [LT029.5]


Tin Man – Tip The Acid

An acid master showing us how to properly use a 303. This stripped down acid track shows us all that less is more; especially when your pattern is perfectly constructed and modulated.

Tin Man - Tip The Acid (Keys Of Life Acid - Keys Of Life - 2006)


747 Paleo Pt. 1 Aquaregia

Canadian techno label Aquaregia build on their reputation for deep, hypnotic techno with the launch of The Paleo Series, a four part project that explores the geological past of our planet through acid. Behind the first EP is 747, a young artist from Vancouver known for his succulent brand of acid-infused techno.
Starting at the age of sixteen, he began experimenting with decks at his friend’s family’s nightclub and it quickly developed into a strong passion for electronic music. Intrigued by the world of synthesis and sound design “he became fascinated with a filter resonance’s delicate balance between flat and harsh,” and it is that which defines his innovative musical output.
The masterful ‘Cretaceous’ begins the journey with warm pads enveloping lush landscapes and shallow, biodiverse seas. It is a perfectly dubbed out techno roller with yawning chords that bring light to the bottom of this particular musical ocean.
The equally fascinating ‘Cambrian’ launches us even further back in time, with a primitive pounding kick and a boiling acid frenzy exemplifying the turmoil of Pangea’s dissection. The organic, raw intensity of the period is stressed; swarms of trilobites scurry in shallow prehistoric seas and when heard on the dance floor, it is sure to frazzle brains.

747 Paleo Pt. 1 Aquaregia Beatport: 27/10/2017; All: 10/11/2017 AQR007