Back To Mine with Acid Castello

The best electronic musicians, the ones who really should be at the top of the tree, are the ones who really know their shit. Acid Castello are one such trio. The Italian live act has earned rave reviews across the board for their debut album, Woman 5000. An intoxicating blend of acid techno, it’s a stunning effort of the type we’ve not encountered for some time. Below, they delve deep into their music collections before summoning up a collection of straight-up gems you’re sure to adore every bit as much as we do…


Pilldriver – Pitch-hiker

This is a legendary1995 track by German hardcore godfather, Marc Acardipane. This is basic yet deadly effective thanks to its distorted kick drums. A real dancefloor killer that’s still played and is still very effective in clubs – at the right moment and the right volume anyway. The best distorted kick drum ever.

Pilldriver - Pitch-hiker (1995)


Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust Main Theme

The Master. He has written really successful scores for films from Damiano Damiani, Lucio Fulci, Tinto Brass and Tonino Valerii. He is the inventor of Cannibal Movies musical atmospheres. The central theme here has a rather effective melody that conquers you since the first listening, with that deaf and inexorable electronic pulsation. Not to mention the exotic Fender Rhodes. An inspirational track.


Kraftwerk – Ahowroom Dummies

From the 1977 album, Trans Europe Express. This track is a real trip. Kraftwerk immortalizes an old Europe without time, whose civilization burned among the hands of its insane dictators. This will become a cliché in years to come,thanks also to Bowie Berlin period. Thanks to Kraftwerk and the Synthanorma Sequencer.

Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies


Drexciya – Plankton Organization

From the third album by Drexciya, Harnessed The Storm (Tresor 2002).
This album assumes the tones of an onerous storm. Very dark, it flows fast and dark, in a tunnel where the light is difficult to reach.

Drexciya - Plankton Organization


Mike Mayfield – Trigger Finger

Few words are needed to express a great concept. When we play live we have to take care to play both with simplicity and effectiveness. This is a track that perfectly express both concepts. Made only with a small drum machine (Boss DR 55) but really groovy.

((Pressures)) - Trigger Finger


Richenel – Autumn

Originally released in 1982, Richenel’s Autumn helps us to find our feminine side. This one is found in “La Diferencia”, the repackaged version of Richenel’s 1982 cassette release. The lyrics touch on universal themes of desire, love and disappointment. As a metaphor for fading romance, “Autumn” hits home with delicate turns of phrase. Richenel sings with an easy confidence and wisdom too.


Ceephax Acid Crew – Capsule In Space

Ceephax..,wow. You don’t need to be by the sea to feel the sea. This one is found in Ceephax’s 2012 7” EP on the Walzer imprint, together with the track Meditteranean Acid. Ceephax’s style (only analogical synth without particular digital devices) brings the great message of techno to the old school and a sincere love for the music and desire to be together. Everything with a touvh of spontaneity and genuineness that only Ceephax can have.

Ceephax Acid Crew – Capsule In Space


Sun Ra – Lanquidity

Sun Ra, incredible. Edited in 1978 this is pure 100% hip-hop style. This is quite different from earlier recordings by Sun Ra, drawing heavily on funk, R&B and jazz fusion. Lanquidity is also unusual in featuring two guitarists, which were seldom used in the Arkestra. The funk influence is also considerable, especially on “That’s How I Feel”. A top release by an authentic master.

Sun Ra- Lanquidity


Morton Garson – Mellow Mood For Maidenhair

We literally fall in love with those melodies, form another time, from another world. Taken from 1976 album “Plantasia”, this track is essentially easy listening groove providing a lulling dream draped collage of Moog’s in various lunar configurations, dinked in shimmering swirls and seductively teased in lounge exotica.