Famed for tracks such as ‘The Reel’, ‘Walk to the Moon’ and ‘YSL’, Andy Kolwes is a prolific producer and a man whose talent has brought him to a host of esteemed labels, not least Einzelkind & Frost’s Pressure Traxx and Dorian Paic’s always on-point Raum label. Earning plaudits from a diverse range of acts including Raresh, Thomas Melchior, Baby Ford, Sammy Dee, Ricardo Villalobos, Zip and tINI, Kolwes is most definitely a man on the rise.

Kolwes’ latest release, however, is an especially significant one. Simply entitled ‘Album’, the 2 x 12” affair sees him divulge in his love of eclectic sounds, with everything from Detroit-inspired techno to stripped-back minimal all included. A release that showcases his broad sound palette in quite triumphant fashion, this is a special collection of tracks that have all played a part in Kolwes’ sets over the past few years, which explains why it reads ’soundtrack’ on the back of the release — as the release really is one that the producer considers a soundtrack to his life. With the album dropping only recently, we caught up with him as he talked us through his favourite Back 2 Mine tracks…


1. Thomas Brinkmann – Max Ernst 03

Thomas Brinkmann is definitely a minimal hero . Plus, he’s also from Cologne and this is a mind-blowing dub-infected timeless long journey to get you hooked. Max Ernst by the way is a very famous painter who is from my area as well. You should check them both out.

Thomas Brinkmann – Untitled B [max.E.03]


2.  Andy Kolwes – Hold on – Anyway04

As you might know, the afterhour sound is definitely my favourite subject of all. So I had to pick one of my own! So this is my contribution from my new album…


3. Steve o Sullivan – Bluespirit 001

This is classy, timeless minimal house. I have heard it way over 1000 times, but never get bored. The type of sound for a long car trip hitting the highway and also a real gem for driving the after-hours. Steve is a real master at this kind of stuff.

Steve O'Sullivan – Geist


4. Untitled B1 by Lowtec from the album 10 Strikes to 2001

I could listen to this one forever. It’s so trippy and deep with always no highs. I always hear something new in it. What a piece of pure bliss.

Lowtec – Untitled B1


5. Trankilou – St Estephe

A classy 90’s house vibe with surprising moments and a beautiful twist. I love it when music is unpredictable.

Trankilou – St-Éstéphe


6. Schatrax – Slumberkings

If your afterhour is in a pool room of a smoky basement, I would recommend this deep jazzy groove.

Schatrax – Slumberkings


7. Sedee- The Girl Inside

I like it when it gets mental, the type of sound where 2 beers suddenly feel like 20.

Sedee – The Girl Inside [WI005 ]


8.  Nekes – I Feel

Just wow!

NEKES- I FEEL (Original mix)


9. Rob Mellow – LoveNasty

I play this when I want to spread some sexy vibes. It always leaves a sensual crowd. The perfect last track to close or begin.

Rob Mello 'Love Nasty'


10. Moodyman – lt#2

Could have picked any number of Moody tracks here, but this one is really something special I reckon.

Moodymann – lt1 #2


Andy Kolwes ‘Album’ is out now via Anyway. Buy/listen here: https://www.facebook.com/andykolwes1/

…and keep up with Andy on https://www.facebook.com/andykolwes1/