Back To Mine with Audioglider

Audioglider-1Audioglider (aka Roberto Sodano) has been a busy boy since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Accidental Beauty’ on Section Records two years ago. With releases and remixes coming forth on a whole host of labels such as Sudbeat, Stripped, 238W, Stellar Fountain, Suffused, Mistique and Soundteller, word has clearly spread far and wide about the unique sound and deft production skills of this London-based producer.

Now, perfectly timed for the summer season, it is time for Audioglider to present a fresh body of work in the form of his second full-length artist album, ‘Subaquamarine’ on Section Records. This time round, he has taken elements of the dancefloor and concocted an evolution of his downtempo sound to create a modern Balearic classic, condensing the album into what would be a classic electronica head’s night out – head nodders, hip shakers, smiles and glances, a head full of stardust, and memories of joy and nostalgia created on a journey from anticipation, realisation and acquiescence. A journey in every sense of the word, ‘Subaquamarine’ takes the listener through a beautiful and uplifting landscape, and you can listen to it at the bottom of this feature, but first, as an introduction and insight into the musical mind of a very talented artist, we thought you’d like to check out Audioglider’s diverse and eclectic tastes as he takes you ‘Back To Mine’…

In no particular order…

1. Bowery Electric – Fear of Flying (Kranky,1996)

When I first heard this, it stopped me in my tracks. Lush, fuzzy, hypnotic, with huge percussion. It draws you in as you get sucked into the groove surfing waves of melody and washes.

Bowery Electric - Fear of Flying

2. Chapterhouse – We Are The Beautiful (Spooky’s Extravaganja Dub Mix) (Dedicated, 1993)

Out of this world dub v shoegaze soundclash. A great headphone track as Spooky use the soundstage to take you on a mindtrip of epic proportions. Another one of those hypnotic tracks with amazing immersive production.

We Are The Beautiful (Spookys Extravaganja Dub Mix)

3. Red Mecca – Blood On The Streets (Massproduktion, 2016)

Recently discovered this Scandi-post punk elctronica outfit and have fallen in love with their sound. Wonderful eerie vocals and beautiful electronic soundscapes. Timeless and alluring – this track is from their most recent album ‘Electricity’.

Blood on the Streets

4. School of Seven Bells – This Is Our Time (Vagrant/Full Time Hobby, 2016)

Such an amazing track from an equally fantastic album ‘SVIIB’ – their last, due to the passing of main protagonist Benjamin Curtis, who died during the recording of this album. Much of the album was recorded while he was in hospital. Rather than focusing on bleak times ahead – the track celebrates life in all its glory, with its chorus – ‘Our Time Is Indestructable…..’ poignant and beautiful.

School of Seven Bells - This Is Our Time [Audio]

5. Nils Frahm – Says (Erased Tapes Records, 2013)

So much has been written about this musical genius, much more eloquent than I could ever manage – the album version is great, but seeing the ‘in session’ version, Live on KEXP just shows everyone was an amazingly inventive musician he is. Massively impressive!

Nils Frahm - Says (Live on KEXP)

6. Bent – Now I Must Remember (Open, 2004)

I could have chosen any track by Bent, but its the instrumentation and optimistic lyrics and melody that give me the warm and fuzzies every time. A perfect summer tune for when the sun’s going down, or coming up.

7. M83 – Skin Of The Night (Virgin France, 2008)

Anthony Gonzalez’s outfit’s album ‘Saturdays = Youth’ was when I sat up and took notice, and it incorporates all the shoegaze / post punk influences that I loved into a whole new gothic pop sound. Beautiful sparkly production!

M83 - Skin of the Night

8. Engineers – Three Fact Fader (Kscope, 2009)

Sometime collaborators with the great Ulrich Schnauss, this track with its cyclical bassline, saturated pads and guitars and subtle vocal harmonies is just wonderful. Still sounds fresh and I wish I could write one like this!

9. Junkie XL –  Broken (feat. Grant Nicolas) (Roadrunner Records, 2003)

Before he went all “Hollywood soundtrack” on us, Junkie XL was still making high concept albums, collaborating with a whole host of artists well before Calvin Harris. This one featuring ex Feeder lead singer = sublime.

Junkie xl - Broken ft. Grant Nicholas

10. Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place (City Centre Offices, 2003)

Epically orchestrated electronica. This set the bar really high when it came out. Ulrich is always pushing the boundaries with his composition – this is perfectly executed.

Audioglider’s exciting new album SUBAQUAMARINE is out now…

01. Stockholm Syndrome
02. Aerial View
03. Edison Spark
04. The Keymaster
05. Driver XVX
06. Moulin Bessou’ed
07. Ocular Overkill
08. Selective Amnesia
09. Slideshow
10. Always And Infinite
(Section Records) SCTN0022
Format: CD gatefold wallet / digital download

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