Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan

I grew up with this song. It’s one of those songs that’s been with me all my life and brings back so many memories from my childhood and I never get tired of it! 

Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan

Metallica – Leper Messiah

I’ve been a Metallica fan since I was a kid and this might be one of my favorite songs from them! I remember sitting on the floor in my room with my walkman listening to this song over and over again. 

Metallica – Leper Messiah (HD)

Bichi – Whir

Bichi might be one of my favorite producers ever! He is also the mastermind behind the band Blue Foundation which i have listened to ALOT but somehow this song is like the best Blue Foundation song that never ended up on any of their albums. So beautifully produced. The vibe and emotion is just amazing. Gives me goosebumps every time i hear it. 

Bichi- Whirl a Stream of Comfort, To Cool and Surround Me, Until I Lose Sight

Poliça – Lay Your Cards Out

 The first song i heard with Poliça and i remember how I was totally addicted to it. I think i had it on repeat for weeks! 

POLIÇA – "Lay Your Cards Out" (Official Music Video)

Badly Drawn Boy – In Safe Hands

I think this song was in a Gossip Girl episode which i admit I was a fan of. Mostly due to the amazing music selection that was amazing in teen dramas in that era! I’m a sucker for dreamy and emotional indie songs and this one might top my list when it comes to that. 

Badly Drawn Boy – In Safe Hands

Yung Lean – Red Bottom Sky

If a song you never heard before gives you goosebumps within the first seconds you know it’s something special! The melody is sooooo damn beautiful, the production is spotless, so stripped down and so harmonic! 

Yung Lean – Red Bottom Sky

Jhene Aiko – WTH

There are many songs from her that i love but this is the one that reminds me why i fell in love with her voice. 

Super Mama Djombo – Dissam Na M’bera

The most beautiful thing about music is it’s universal language. I don’t have to understand a word but i get the message and that’s all that matters. I found this song fairly recently but i listen to it all the time. 

Dissan Na M bera – Super Mama Djombo

Ripperton – L’Ardo

This song is always in my airplane playlist. So chilled and calming. 

Ripperton – L'Ardo

Burial – Near Dark

Stil to this day this song gets me excited. So messy and emotional at the same time.

Autonomi – Games EP (inc. Kadosh & Claudio Ricci rmxs) (Stripped Down)

Perhaps one of the most prolific producers of the modern-day era, there is very little Stockholm’s Özgür Can hasn’t achieved during his decade and a half in electronic music. Having put out high profile releases on imprints such as Cocoon, Truesoul and Armada early on in his career he has displayed a wide musical remit. After keeping a low profile for a few years to further hone his craft, Özgür is back in business with this new project. The lush ‘Games’ opens up with soft shakers and paddy drums that are perfectly warm and inviting. A gritty lead eventually takes over and slowly shifts up and down the scales but the deep and dubby techno effect remains. ‘Botanikals’ is equally gorgeous, with more soft drums laced up with dreamy pads and tinkling late-night keys that are filled with thoughtfulness. Israeli artist Kadosh is a young and exciting artist who has had his emotive tracks played by Dixon and Ame, Solomun and John Digweed. He runs his own Frau Blau Music as well as releasing on Innervisions and Watergate. His fantastic remix of ‘Games’ is a little more direct but still comes with a cavernous and dubby bottom end and plenty of escapist leads that drift up into a cosmic night sky. Label boss Claudio Ricci then steps up to remix ‘Botanikals’, bringing plenty of depth to his late-night techno lullaby with its emotive keys and broad, sweeping chords.
Out Now… Autonomi – Games EP (inc. Kadosh & Claudio Ricci rmxs) (Stripped Down) – Cat. No STRD015