1. Netsh – We Are Artificial Intelligences

What with recent events my room is now my studio. So I got in a speaker with a good sub. This track is mind-bending, and when heard in my most bass trapping corner turns my room upside down.  

Netsh – We Are Artificial Intelligences

2. Skee Mask – Via Sub Mids

90’s rave and jungle has inspired a lot of my favourite music. This track adds haunting synths and I’m in love.

Skee Mask – Via Sub Mids

3. DSCRD – Combinat

Hypnotising multilayered bass and polyrhythms, yet still minimal.

Combinat (Original Mix)

4. Tendency – Jan Jelinek

I love warm analog clicky sounds. This is my version of an ASMR hug.

Jan Jelinek – Tendency

5. Gidge – Eyes Open

Tape delay, choral samples and piano, along with the most beautiful and organic sounding percussion from a Swedish forest.

Gidge – Eyes Open

6. Benjamin Damage – Liquid Metal

I’m not the best sleeper so a Back to Mine might involve some techno. I’m obsessed with how this really does sound like liquid metal, perhaps if that liquid metal were having a party.

Benjamin Damage – Liquid Metal [ARTSCOLLECTIVE032]

7. Flaminia – Suspension of Consciousness

I really love this track and its driving mood. I’ve been going on a lot of night walks recently as I get a little hyperactive when I’m not djing. This track comes with me.

Flaminia – Suspension of Consciousness


These guys are friends and make beautiful tracks. Being around them with my ex was where I started producing.


9. Oscar D’Leon – Lloraras

A Venezuelan classic, my mum would be proud. 10. Los Bobos Son Mio – Haraca Kiko I really like dembow and got more acquainted when djing in Mexico for this past New Years. Back in London I dj’d a very impromptu dembow set at The Jago and people went a little crazy. I’d play this at mine to stir things up.

Oscar D´Leon – LLoraras

Xera Vera – Back in Time (Needwant)

British-Venezuelan DJ, producer and vocalist Xera Vera steps out with ‘Back in Time’, a three track EP of vocal electronica, due for release on the famed London imprint this July. Haunting, evocative and infectious, ‘Back in Time’ sees Xera Vera combine an array of hardware synths, analogue effects and a self-created sample library with her own, singular vocal performance. She channels her classical training and background of Venezuelan folk, with an electronic sound influenced by the likes of Nils Frahm and Skee Mask. Cinematic, confessional and achingly personal the tracks on ‘Back In Time’ are as human as they are electronic and as challenging as they are beautiful. A Venezuelan heart with London’s electric energy, Xera Vera is an accomplished house and techno DJ as well as producer/performer. Along with her background performing the violin, piano and voice in classical settings she is well accustomed to beat-driven audiences as she performs her live solo set on an all-hardware setup.
Out Now… Xera Vera – Back in Time (Needwant) – Cat No: Needw076