Living in London, originally from New Zealand Jollands is an international artist in the truest sense of the word. He has globe trotted from Shanghai to Sydney and Bali to Berlin, absorbing the air and energy from a kaleidoscope of travels, he’s exhaled the magical sinews of sound into his new album ‘7 Blood’. Previously signed to Boy George’s label, More Protein – under the artist name El Hula, Blair picked up 5* reviews with his albums ‘Hotel’ and ‘Violent Love’. Jollands has spent much time in the interim focused on his film; composing, score writing and working as a sound designer where he has collected Emmy nominations and accolades. Blair also contracted and battled Lyme Disease, which he has embraced and overcome, turning every challenge into an adventure, there are some hints and even inspiration from his experience in ‘7 Blood’.


1. La Roux – Bullet Proof

I just love everything she does and the sound she and producer create. Catchy as hell and she’s a great performer.

La Roux – Bulletproof


2. Bjork – Wonderlust

Bjork rocks my world. End of.

björk: wanderlust (2D version)


3. Abba – Dancing Queen

I don’t care what you think. You need Abba in your life.

Abba – Dancing Queen


4. Bobby Womack – 110th Street

This recording captures the moment 100%. Listen to the strings! Oh my.

Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street


5. David Bowie – Life on Mars

Not only is this one of my favourite Bowie songs but the video is stunningly beautiful.

David Bowie – Life On Mars?


6. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

A true gift, given to us for a brief moment.

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black


7. Dionne Warwick – Heartbreaker

A well crafted song (Barry Gibb). I’ve never tired of this song.

Dionne Warwick – Heartbreaker


8. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – Summer Wine

I’m a sucker for this country song. I’m a sucker for a duet. Hazelwood & Sinatra make love.

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood-Summer Wine


9. Elvis Presley – Surrender

Elvis could always hit straight to your heart with his emotion. This recording shows just how fatal he could be.

Elvis Presley-Surrender-Best Version

10. Blair Jollands & Iraina Mancini – Burning Man

I love this track and a duet – the video was filmed on location in Bolivia, Chile and the UK.

BURNING MAN – Blair Jollands Ft Iraina Mancini

Blair Jollands album “7 Blood” featuring “Burning Man” is out now on Glowb Records and available via  You can see the band perform (live) at St John’s Music Hall Leytonstone on September 7th and at The Seabright Arms in London on September 13th.