For many musicians, talking in depth and so eloquently about the music they love is considered par for the course. Even so, it’s a task that Noir Fidelity boss Erico Falcone has completed with distinction here. Ranging from jazzy tracks to straight up house to techno sounds, his ‘Back 2 Mine’ has all the musical trappings of a massively enjoyable soiree…


John Cage “4’33”

What is sound without silence in between? It’s like the planets without the space, right? Studying sound for so many years brings me more and more closer to musical notes, even though we often forget to pause and reflect.
We forget the most important thing… the pause.The stillness before the “boom”! What was before the big bang, and how much powerful is to see someone dancing, moving or just breathing on silence! The dynamics of silence are sometimes louder and more powerful than the loudest sound.The psychoacoustic effect is maybe loud, calm or noisy to us. If you know the sentence which says: ”Everything equals to nothing”, then nothing can equal to everything and I find this 4 minutes and 33 seconds by John Cage one of the greatest pieces as a reminder to who we are and what we do in music and in life.


Midori Takada “Crossing”

This one keeps me inspired for a long time and every second of it is a new study for me. The sound image, the dynamics, the concept is a great influence for any artist out there and although is not electronic music, it sounds like it is. It fascinates me that this record is coming from the 80s and it still sounds so fresh and timeless. Japanese art and music is beyond limits and this one is a great representation.

Midori Takada - Crossing (Reel-2-Reel to Digital conversion)


Miles Davis, Michel Legrand  ”Ascenseur pour l’Echafaud” OST (Louis Malle 1958)

Miles Davis was one of the greatest musicians of all time. He was innovative, inventor of the “cool”, brought Coltrane and Hancock to the game and his music is still inspiring me to almost anything I do and listen from jazz to techno. He was easily bored of his “easy” success and he wanted always to do something new to him. Being a lover of film noir myself and noir aesthetic this movie and this soundtrack is a must! Just have a listen to the intro and believe me you will want to play it again and again…

Miles Davis - ''Ascenseur pour l'Echafaud'' OST (Louis Malle 1958)


Erico Falcone  “Time Traveller”

This one is not a classic, but sounds like it is one. Maybe it’s a lo-fi house, or a chill music track suitable for any chill, summer collection, but it also brings emotions of nostalgia and calmness with it. The smooth guitar, the bassline that comes to the second part and the sound aura in it is able to calm you down and enjoy your moment forgetting about your daily routine problems and maybe see your life backwards.

Erico Falcone - time traveller


Future Sound Of London “Papua New Guinea”

So classic this one! I call it education for all the electronic music artists and producers out there.It is raw, it is smooth, it is groovy and remains strongly one of my favourite for over 18 years now.

Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea


LTJ Bukem “Atlantis”

Not a big drum n bass collector and so little knowledge about the genre, but this one is all I needed from the genre to follow me along the way. A real drum n bass groove with genius musical composition and calm bridges in it. If somebody ever asks me to write a top 10 drum n bass list I would definitely cover the first 5 positions with it. It just has all I want from the genre!

LTJ Bukem - Atlantis


Theo Parrish  “Ebonics”

When it comes for Theo Parrish it’s not easy to choose, but this is my favourite one because it’s the definition of deep, lo-fi, an excellent house track which hides lots of secrets by the master.

Theo Parrish - Ebonics


Legowelt  “Africa” [Toto]

This selection is cheating by choosing two of my favourites in one! Legowelt is for me the absolute raw sound, the inspiration without the vitrine , the originality and the majesty. Toto on the other side were one of my favourite bands in my pre-teenager age, a band which has given so much to the progressive and fusion rock and not only. Africa, is one of the absolute masterpieces, many times re-edited and re-mixed but this one carries the Legowelt signature which I truly approve.

Legowelt - Africa [Toto]


Elbee Bad (The Prince of Dance) “The New Age House”

On this one the title says it all. Indeed a new era for the music, late 80’s and the transition from disco to house has already begun. This diamond is timeless, rebellious, not synchronised due to true analog performance, difficult to mix it, only the most experienced ones can do it. Definitely not recommended for newcomer laptop DJs. I had the luck to get to know this track after meeting Elbee Bad and it has already became one of my all time house classics. Emotional, souly, nostalgic, true Elbee Bad diamond. Cannot get over it. Can you?



Basil Poledouris “Conan the Barbarian” (Main Theme)

My love for soundtracks is huge and versatile, from honest cult ones to big screen Hollywood red carpet ones. Soundtrack music is the one which you don’t expect to bring to the clubs and to common people meetings. In my case, me and my friends are used to listening to this music for our entertainment, mind and heart filling. My statement of the last 5 years is that I am really sure that clubs will start to play soundtrack music pretty soon and the reason why is technical and social. We have been already from the 130-140 bpm of the 80s-90s to 110-100 on nowadays slo-mo electronic dance music and the more we go down on tempo the more beat-less it will become. I think also people will get bored of the continuous 4/4 kick drum. In addition we see that soundtrack music is taking all over the place more and more in many occasions and productions of nowadays. My style on this is Avantgarde and am pushing the boundaries sticking inside my DJ sets with obscure soundtrack sounds. I love Poledouri’s (Greek roots like mine) epic style and his ability to be a little bit obscure (see Robocop futuristic sound). I have started a DJ set with this one and i am willing to try this out again and again.

Conan The Barbarian - Theme

Noir Fidelity’s latest V/A, Shuriken Kuts, is out 26th October on Noir Fidelity Records.