1. Talking Heads – “Once In A Lifetime”

“The first time I listened to this record, I felt like immediately attached to it. The lyrical content is beyond genius, and it is one of them songs that you will hear at home, in clubs, after-parties, and even the strangest of places – but it actually begins to make more and more sense as you get older. I have “Into the Blue Again” tattoo’d on my arm.”

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)


2. Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

“This is one of my favourite picks – all down to my parent’s love for great music (which I am really grateful for). I vividly remember Moby “Play” from around the age of about 4 or 5. It’s a bit mad that I can remember an actual whole album from such a young age, but even the album artwork was permanently imprinted into my memory – I can literally see the disc spinning in our old silver JVC stereo player that we had in my first home. This was a stand-out song that stuck with me forever, almost as if my 5 year old self could understand and appreciate the vocal sample, the Balearic piano, and the sheer quality of how this record was put together. It’s simple, the production is rough, and just goes to show that if you have a collection of good ideas/sounds – they will sound amazing and work without too much fiddling around.

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (2014 Remastered Version)


3. The Cure – “Mint Car”

“Although it’s difficult for me to pick only one track from The Cure’s back catalogue, this is one of my all-time favourite records. Every single element of this track just makes me feel so fucking happy, and if you don’t think so too – I truly believe you are a bad person.”

The Cure – Mint Car


4. Donna Summer – “I Feel Love”

“I couldn’t tell you exactly the first time that I heard this record, (more than likely heard it at home as a wee nipper when my parents would play music) – but I don’t think anyone can understand how sublime this record is until they’ve been to a proper club with a stupidly big sound system, dancing right in front of the speakers all night long, and then this comes on. The fact this is from 1977, makes you realise just how ahead of it’s years it has always been – and is amongst a select few records that have stood the test of time.”

Donna Summer I Feel Love Original 8 minute 12" version 1977


5. Tommy James & The Shondells – “Crystal Blue Persuasion”

“If I could imagine what it would be like entering heaven, this song is it. No pain, no bad-feelings, just good times, getting fucked with all of the people you lost and had missed for years. Effortlessly “cool” record – solid bass line and percussion feeding the groove, and them glorious vocal harmonies and organs sit on the top of it like nothing you’ve heard before.”

Tommy James & The Shondells- Crystal Blue Persuasion (HQ)


6. Primal Scream – “Movin’ On Up”

“Screamadellica as a full album was something that I only really got into when I was older (around 18) when I had just started properly going out and getting more into dance music. Coming from a live music/bands background, this whole album completely blew my mind with the fusion between rock’n’roll and the rave/acid house scene that was happening – and really opened up a whole new window/outlook on making music. “Movin On Up” being one of the tracks that I heard starting out as a drummer (aged 8), summed up “good music” to me.”

Primal Scream – Movin' on Up (Official Video)


7. David Grey – “Please Forgive Me”

“Stranger pick out of the bunch, but this is one of my earliest/strongest memories of hearing a song that I liked. Sheer nostalgia from being in the backseat next to my brother in my parent’s car with White Ladder on in the background (a very acceptable album that most parents in the UK would of had on around that time). Songwriting at it’s best, still sends shivers up my spine when I hear it today.

David Gray – "Please Forgive Me" official video


8. Sister Sledge – “Thinking Of You”

“My first encounter with this song was actually hearing Paul Weller’s cover from his ‘Studio 150’ acoustic/covers album at around the age of 7. It’s quite weird remembering hearing a cover/remix before an original version. But eventually discovering Sister Sledge’s “Thinking Of You” soon became a stand out record which soundtracked so many good nights. I will always remember breaking into Glastonbury a few years ago, getting thrown out, and without fail, breaking back in the next evening; I met up with all of my mates, quickly caught up with all of the partying in the space of about 40 minutes and remember feeling it all really kicking in when this came on. Sheer fucking greatness, what a banger.

Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You


9. New Order – “Blue Monday”

“Everything about this song is class, each and every sound used on it just sums up how important simplicity can be in making/producing a record. It works unbelievably well in the club, and it also works just as well in the New Order live setting. Inspiring.”

New Order – Blue Monday


10. Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me

“One of my favourite ever house records. I remember picking up Carrie Lucas “Dancing With You” from a little record fare over the road around 4 years ago – and appreciating what Armand Van Helden had done even more than before. Timeless.”

Armand Van Helden – You Don't Know Me (Original Mix) (1998)


Chaney – 39 Times (Confrontation) (Skint Records)

This new label signee is just 20 years old and mixes up Hacienda attitude with Mike Skinner wit. He throws his own pub raves, has played drums in his brother’s band, and is a proven song writer behind cult hits like ‘Let U Know’. As a remixer he has made his name with reworking of the likes of Tom Walker and Camden Cox and is set to feature on the next Seeb record. He has a hardcore love of his middle of nowhere hometown and makes music that, “downtrodden dreamers of satellite towns” can connect with. The single here ’39 Times (Confrontation)’ is a fantastic slice of timeless house music with all the soul and oomph of Boo Williams or Glenn Underground. Disco loops, diva vocals and blistering kick drums all pump you up and ooze genuine soul and authentic house heart.

Chaney – 39 Times (Confrontation) (Skint Records) Release: March 22nd 2019 Cat No: SKINT398