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Bugz In The Attic – Knocks Me Off My Feet

Found this in the back of my collection the other day what a banger it has that Funkedelic, Parliment Basement Jaxx and kerri chandler feel all in Attic. Smash, a nice little warm down. another track of this album is knocks me off my feet JEEEEEEEEEEZ too good.

Bugz In The Attic - Red Handed


Rufus and Chacka – What Am I Missing

This little nugget! what a tempo. and that bass guitar combo just brings you into the night. wooo anything can happen to this song kung fu fight scene, love making, bank robbery woooooooo just can’t stop with this.

# Rufus & Chaka - What Am I Missing #


Kerri Chandler – Rain

Then a little subtle garage from The one and only Kerri Chandler for those who know. The Collectors and myself play this live and it never fails to kick off even to people who don’t know it, its just beautiful. The guy knows harmony.

Kerri Chandler - Rain


Christopher Cross – Ride Like The Wind

This one is for the drive home the big CC. Chris Cross Ride like the wind. just an unrelenting drive from the passionate percussion to the power guitar and Chris wailing like he’s runninng from something. just drive to this tonight i promise you. and when the horns come oooooooooooweeeeee.

Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind


Link Up – KnxWorries

Now time to make movements this tune makes anyone move and makes you feel bad as anything. It gives you powers this song, I’m serious. Knxwledge on the beat and my guy Anderson Paak who has just been killing it in all shapes and sizes.

NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) - Link Up


Sade – Surrender Your Love (Kenny Larkin Detroit Remix)

We all love Sade so i could put all of her tunes on this but this remix feels so natural and beautiful and Mr Kenny Larking just gets the balance so right.

Sade - Surrender Your Love (Kenny Larkin Remix)


Child Of Luv – One Day (feat. Damon Albarn)

Now we are getting into the darker times, the Child of Luv only released one album before passing in which he collaborated with Damon Albarn and MF DOOM but this tune is serious, makes you look at yourself when you’re by yourself. R.I.P


Abba – If it Wasn’t For The Nights

This sums up the other half of the night I’m not a die hard abba fan, their song writing is obviously flawless. but this song is just amazing, nothing more needs to be said.

ABBA - If It Wasn't For The Nights


Fleetwood Mac – Family Man

My niece has just been born so this song feels right right now. Tango in the night hadn’t heard it until my friend played it to me the other night coming back from some god forgotten place. the mother father BV’s just bring joy


Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Sunshower

When morning comes this is the song for everyone and anywhere. the Intro makes you feel warm but you don’t know why and then the children singing just makes you feel innocent agai what a beautiful time for music

Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band - Sunshowers


D’angelo – Spanish Joint (acoustic)

And this is just in case you haven’t heard this. You’re welcome.

D'Angelo - Spanish Joint (acoustic demo)


Count Counsellor – new single ‘Dancery’ is out now…

Taken from the debut EP ‘6 fl.oz’ released on Count Counsellor’s new label From Concentrate.

6 fl.oz is the first official release from the label spearheaded by UK producer Count Counsellor (Henry Counsell) and comes in the form of a 6 track compilation showcasing the versatility and musical breadth of the collective, covering all bases from Techno, Garage and Icelandic choir recordings. Creating unique, artistic visuals and genre defying music, The >From Concentrate brand breaks down the generic borders of other often safe and boring labels of today. Born out of an obsession with fruit and dark music, From Concentrate are set to become the most exciting creative collective to emerge in recent years. Artistic director James Rushton has created a flabbergasting aesthetic and online presence alongside creative directors Louis Curran and Henry Counsell who have taken care of the sonic & publishing side of things. With a music roster of 6 artists from every corner of the earth, From Concentrates’ first musical outing is out in a few weeks on vinyl, featuring eclectic blends the likes of: Count Counsellor, LVNA, Husky Loops and recent PRS grant winners Them Blends and a bunch of unheard fire. With sync representation and a monthly live residency at Shoreditch’s trendiest new spot, From Concentrate have already achieved a lot and generated hype before they’ve even put anything out.

Instagram: @fromconc
Facebook: @fromconcentratemusic
Soundcloud: @fromconcentrate