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1. Kendrick Lamar – Untitled (live on the Colbert Report)

Alright, are you comfortable? Kendrick is an unsurpassed genius and this performance of this song is him at his most passionate, powerful and musically banging and at the same time, strange. These are all the things I love.

Kendrick Lamar - Untitled 3


2. Gil Scott Heron and Jamie XX – New York Is Killing Me

yeeeeaaaaahh. Lovely bouncing banging bopper. With Gil Scott Heron’s voice on it.

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx - 'NY Is Killing Me'


3. Strangelove – World’s Great Mystery

These humans are my friends and co collaborators. I want to share some of their brand new music which is about to change the world, but it’s not out yet. This is lush though. It sends my head west.



4. Strange U – Grizzle

It took me a while to get Strange U, but now I think they’re the best thing in UK hiphop. Kashmere sounds like quite a straight rapper but if you lean in closer you’ll notice he’s doing mad things with words and concepts. And Dr Zygote’s beats are wicked.

Strange U - Grizzle (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


5. Melanie de Biasio – Live A Fip

Let’s listen to this for a bit and unclench together. It’s 45 minutes long so we could either do the whole thing or not. We could hold hands or not.

Melanie De Biasio - Live a FIP


6. DakhaBrakha – Vesna

As we’re down here, this seems like a good thing to both watch and listen to. Bulgarian singing styles are so far from what I grew up with, and I love how much they grab me and slap me around. It’s not exactly pretty, but I do love it.

DakhaBrakha - Vesna


7. Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro

My mate Deborah introduced me to this recently and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Right up in your face. I’m a sucker for female voices shouting over aggy dance music. This is good.

Buraka Som Sistema - Sound of Kuduro


8. Mos Def – Quiet Dog (live on David Letterman)

Mos Def is a very important artist in my life and this is a track of his I’m loving at the moment. Musician, activist, poet and one of the greatest MCs hiphop’s ever produced.

Mos Def Quiet Dog on Letterman 6 8 09


9. Cappo – Swagbasco

I always follow what Cappo’s doing and try to share as much as I can, because I respect him a lot – such a consistent output and such a hard flow. He knows exactly what he is artistically.

Cappo / Sam Zircon - Swagbasco [Boot Records 2013]


10. Jack Nitzsche – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Theme

I’ve only just seen this film, but the music is so good, and the last scene, where Chief breaks out of the asylum and runs… is sinister and heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. It’s an unsettling one to go to sleep after, though.

Jack Nitzsche - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Opening Theme)

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