01. Paul Walter – Lanedan – Harlo

Vienna’s secret weapon, Paul ‘Patchin’ Walter is responsible for the first release on my label “Harlo”. This track is a perfect example of interesting modular synth use, still keeping the focus on what matters most… the groove.

B1. Paul Walter – Lanedan [Harlo001]


02. Ricardo Villalobos – Lazer At Present – Frisbee Tracks

When you listen to music for two days it becomes more and more tough to find stuff that is interesting, but not too much in terms of musical elements.
Many times I have ended up in the Villalobos folder because his stuff is trippy, minimal and interesting. Long live the King!

Ricardo Villalobos – Laser @ Present


03. Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomonte – Surounded by You – Pressure Traxx Silver Series

Giuliano Lomonote is on his way to the top. Excellent behind the decks or in his studio. He found his trademark sound which is elegant modern house music that works perfectly in the club or at the afterparty. Here, we have our collaboration that we just released on PTXS. Buongiorno!

Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomonte – Surrounded By You


04. Federico Molinari – Aftershot – Pressure Traxx

Fede also has his own trademark sound. You can really tell if it is one of his tracks or not most of the time. He combines simple drum patterns with complex sound design that keeps moving all the time. Minimal music that never gets boring. Just like Fede. Si klaro!

Federico Molinari – Aftershot


05. Cedrik Dekowski – Chlamüd – (Partout 1.1)

Cedric & Felix are defintely two of the hottest producers at the moment. Spending their life between Studio and Solarium these two know “wo der Frosch die Locken hat”. Ossi!

Cédric Dekowski – Chlamüd [PARTOUT1.01]


06. Frost – 5 Seconds 1st State – Pressure Traxx

My partner in crime for many years now, with nothing less then a masterpiece of electronic music. Tschüss!

Frost – 5 Seconds 1st State


07. Markus Fix & Dorian Paic – Endless – Housewax

Two of my best friends and favorite DJs with their new release on Housewax. Rhythm Is A Dancer!


08. Implosive Inc. – Dweler – Implosive

Another project I am involved in is Implosive Inc. It is about House Music, Muskeln und Apfelwein. Prost!


09. Audio Werner – Trust – Hartchef Discos

Andi and me become friends just recently and it was love at first sight. I always liked and played his music a lot. Especially this old cut of his. Bärenfell!

Audio Werner – Trust


10. Scorpions – Wind of Change – Mercury

If you have taken things too far at the afterparty and your flatmate who happens to be quite a stiff fella is coming back in the morning with his Mom visiting just drop this gem and the f&%$ing party´s over man… Ruthless!

Scorpions – Wind Of Change


Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomonte’s ’Surrounded By You’ is out now via Pressure Traxx Silver Series.

Listen/buy the release here