A native of Hungary, Norbert Dunai is best known as his production alias, Pola. The co-manager behind one of house and techno’s most enthralling and consistent labels, the addictively brilliant All Inn, he has been running the imprint with esteem now for close to 10 years. During that time, he has called on a veritable array of talent to join him, with Nastia, Onur Ozer, Kamran Sadeghi, Roger Gerressen & Ivano Tetelepta, Afriqua, and of course, the main man himself, just some of those who have lent their talents to the label. What’s more, these are particularly busy times for Pola, with recent releases arriving via Nilla, AKU and Finale Sessions.

With arguably his biggest record set to drop soon via D’Julz’s Bass Culture Limited, we figured this a good time to question him on his favourite tracks to sit back and relax to, all chosen from his own personal vinyl collection. Here’s what he had to say…


Maricopa – The Call of the Plains (La Luna ‎001)

This track literally takes my brain on a quick vacation. Trippy Mini Album what I have purchased in Bikini Wax lately.  Works gentle and effortless to relax. Thank you for the Belfast based Michael Dillon’s fantasy for this melody. The artwork worth a check also by the Berlin located artist, called Memo.

The Call of the Plains – Maricopa [LL001]


High Plains – Cinderland (Kranky)

A delicate mixture of engaging electronica and classical elements. The sound of the cello just rips my soul apart than put it together piece by piece. Every once in a while when I need a quick reset I listen to the album, Cinderland. Canadian duo High Plains made something abiding with this album, which was released in 2017. I traded Cinderland via Discogs not long after I moved to Berlin.

High Plains – Cinderland


Craig Armstrong – Rise (Virgin)

Now, a real classical music with a modern orchestral touch.  Craig Armstrong, who is indeed worthily famous, among so many other things of his beautiful movie soundtracks. My pick is ‘Rise’ which is a little less known than the other masterpieces.
PS: The artist is just about to release his upcoming album called “Sun On You”, highly recommended.

Craig Armstrong – Rise


Sven Weisemann – Falling Leaves (Fauxpas Musik)

Lately, I’ve become a sincere fan of Sven Weisemann. I’m collecting all his works. I love the way how he operates on the piano mostly in his ambient songs, on the top he is an outstanding  DJ. I got this vinyl also by a trade in Berlin, extremely good catch. 🙂

Sven Weisemann – Falling Leaves [FAUXPAS RSD014]


Black Merlin ‎– Hipnotik Tradisi (Island Of The Gods)

A genuine unique material of mixed genres of down-tempo, ambient, tribal, experimental, real shaman music. One of the promoters of Ozora festival suggested keeping an eye on this album back in 2016. I ordered straight away a copy without listening, I did not regret. The second release of an Indonesian founded label called Island Of The Gods. The first album of the artist by George Thompson aka Black Merlin.

Back Merlin – Flight EK-0358 [IOTG002]


Motion Detector – Banaras Ghat (Losonofono Records)

A pinch of soft melancholy via “ Banaras Ghat”, released in 2002. I have purchased this item from Discogs, it came from the USA with some west coast house order.  I wanted to look up the artist, however, there is not a lot of information can be found. The flip side house track didn’t catch my attention like this timeless piece.

Banaras Ghat (33 RPM) / Motion Detector / LSF 009 [2002]


Thomas Gray – Reprise (Black Wattle 001)

Australian born Thomas Grey show his skills on his first ever release called “Never Far Enough”. Its also the first release of the label and there isn’t much info about who is behind, Delicate for your ears. It says limited to 200 item, so I am one of the lucky ones. 🙂

Thomas Gray – Reprise


Trevor Deep Jr. – Roba Rouge Feat. TDJ Jazz Outfit (HPTY)

You get the feeling sitting in an elegant lounge and constantly breathing in the quality jazz into your veins. Perfect evening tune. I bought this album in 2015, because of another track. This beauty, the “Roba Rouge” needed to take her time to show herself. First album of Trevor Deep Jr, the mystery man from Finland. It’s a featuring by TDJ Jazz Outfit which is the band of Trevor Deep Jr. and also includes four talented finish Jazz musicians.

Trevor Deep Jr. – Roba Rouge Feat. TDJ Jazz Outfit (TDJ ALBUM)


Ryuichi Sakamoto – Solari (Milan)

This is the kind of music what is going to leave a mark on your life. Takes you to a whole different universe, and all you have to do is to turn it up and close your eyes. Extremely complex structure and the variety of creative instruments tells you a story of a lifetime. I had the pleasure to see Sakamoto’s film debut on the 68th Berlinale film festival. His unbounded humbleness touched everyone when he spoke about his life and work.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – "solari" (from "async")


ACTIVE CHILD – Shield & Sword (Vagrant Records)

Maintaining the relaxed vibe still a strong sound. I like it. Active Child from Australia (again), a band whom I have been following since 2013 when my friend did an edit for their song called Johnny Belinda. I’m often listening to their first album You Are All I See, which is electronic, down-tempo and synth pop.

Active Child – Shield & Sword


VAKULA – For Jim (Leleka 007)

Intimate and seductive. You can sense the lust mixed with a bunch of calm desire.  One of my favorite artists nowadays Vakula dazzled my 2015 when dedicated an album for my childhood idol, Jim Morrison. There are no words to describe the satisfaction of this album to listen time to time.

Vakula – For Jim

Pola’s ‘Rise Above the Clouds’ is out 30/11 on Bass Culture Limited. Pre-order/listen to the release here

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