1. Malcom McLaren “Buffalo Gals”

Turntablism is in my blood, so, in a big bunch of hip hop milestone tracks, this one stands out with a special spark. The World’s Famous Supreme Team amongst the man of the eighties, Trevor Horn beatmaking and scratching, calls from a square dance, and the genius (Malcolm) driving!

Buffalo Gals – Malcolm McLaren (Original Video) Hip Hop Classic


2. The Unknowcases “Masimbabele”

This song was super popular in the Afro Cosmic era in Italy, I was, and still am, impressed by the perfect melding of electronica, real instruments, and the afro feeling, coming from a German band.

Masimbabele – The Unknown Cases


3. Gaznevada “I.C. Love Affair”

Someone defined this track as the first real house song, well.. maybe!
Recently I had the pleasure to officially rework this milestone, but I enjoy the original version, with a funny italo accent rap (of sorts!).

Gaznevada – I.C. Love Affair (Extended)



4. Art of Noise “Beat Box”

Sampling techniques in the early eighties, Mr. Horn still around, sound researching, great musicians, drops of Italian Futurism.. what more can I say?

Art of Noise – Beat Box Version 1 (ZTIS 103)


5. Kraftwerk “Numbers”

Of course I have all of Kraftwerk’s collection, but this is the track that still infects my beat making in the studio!
Uno, Due, Tre, Quattro!

Kraftwerk – Numbers


6. A Guy Called Gerald “Voodoo Ray”

Yes, yes and yes.. this is the best Dance (House, Acid, Techno, whateva) song ever done!

A Guy Called Gerald ft Lisa May Voodoo Ray Official Music Video HQ


7. Jolly Roger “Acid Man”

Definitely my bridge from House to Acid House! The challenge is to not to be trapped by the acid sequence! 

Jolly roger Acid man


8. M|A|R|R|S “Pump Up The Volume”

This track is dedicated to my parents, my dad used to come into my bedroom while I was mixing, singing the main hook, and then asked me : “nice song.. but how many times a day are you playing it?” whilst my mum was laughing in the background!  

M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume (Official Video)


9. Sueño Latino “Sueño Latino”

It is still common to hear this song in some dj sets nowadays, especially in Ibiza. Well, it’s a balearic anthem coming from the minds of some north Italy based (LoL) dj producers, proper reworking Manuel Göttsching E2-E4 sample. Still in my bag, of course!

Sueño Latino Sueño Latino Paradise Mix) 1989 YouTube


10. The Fog “Been A Long Time”

A bassline that goes down to hell, with a killer vocal… someone said “house music please?” Served…. from Miami! 

The Fog – Been a Long Time (Vocal Mix)


Giangi Cappai – Dust From The Moon

The next step in acclaimed DJ, producer and songwriter Giangi Cappai’s distinguished career is the start of a new label, OGU Records which kicks off with three of his own brilliant tracks.
Cappai is behind the Alma Matris project, which has had worldwide chart hits and established him as a global house music player. He was also the long-time resident and musical director at RAPIDO The Party at Paradiso Club in Amsterdam, a night that in fact took its name from an Alma Matris record. He brings 80s influences, shades of Eno, Kraftwerk and Italian Futurism to his production work and always offers up something to get excited about. He uses all this expertise in this new label which will be releasing music from a wide range of talents and kicks off with a real bang.
Up first is the brilliant ‘Dust From The Moon’ a deep and intense meeting of reversed pianos chords, a killer bassline and rich strings, all married to a groove that is certain to set the floor alight.
Next is ‘Veintidos’, which is inspired by a Love at First Sight evening in Ibiza. It’s a real analog acid house trip where driving sequences, filters and a classic TR groove keeps flirting with the listener until a deep melodic break comes and brings the love before the storm comes again.
Last but not least, ‘Morning Smile’, is masterfully melodic electronica, with more reverse sequences, breakbeat grooves, and sweeping strings that really pick you up.

Giangi Cappai – Dust From The Moon (OGU Records) Release: 22nd June 2018 Cat. No. OGU001