1. Armand van Helden – The Funk Phenomena

I think the first time I knew I wanted to be DJ was when I heard this song, the rest is history. It is sublime that with so little you can do so much.

Armand van Helden – The Funk Phenomena (Official Video)


2. Circulation – Beige

If it’s not my favorite song, this one is real close. The progression, bass, pads…everything goes merging until you get the perfect collage.

Circulation – Beige (Mix 1)


3. The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl

The first time I heard this song, I knew I liked it but I didn’t knew if I could play it on a club. The impact was automatic and the madness was unleashed.

The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl


4. New Order -Crystal (Lee Combs remix) 

A perfect and romantic break beat for ending an intense set and leaving the people with a smile.

New Order – Crystal (Lee Coombs Remix)


5. Silicone Soul – Right On

If you are performing in an “after party” you can’t miss this beauty, the vocal version is the best for me. Craig and Graeme did a fantastic work.

Silicone Soul – Right On (Version 2)


6. H Foundation – Hear dis Sound

“Siesta Music” was one my favorite labels and I played this album in particular for years…Up until now I still playing it. Just perfect.

H Foundation (Hear Dis Sound) 1999


7. Dinky – Acid In My Fridge (Tobi Neumann Remix)

I just love the progression it has and how after the second break that arpeggio bass explodes and goes changing the note along with some moments that have an acid touch.

Dinky – Acid In My Fridge (Tobi Neumann Remix)


8. Leandro Gamez – Body Shaker

Leandro is undoubtedly one of the biggest producers that Spain has had. With “body shake” he demonstrates that Techno can be gentle and overwhelming.

Leandro Gamez – Body Shaker


9. Sascha Funke – Mango

I’ve been lucky enough to live in many countries, and this will always remind me of the “Sacred Valley” in Cusco that is close to Machu Picchu. I just imagine myself in the top of the mountain and letting my imagination fly.

Sascha Funke – Mango (Original Mix)


10. DJ Rolando – Jaguar

Although I’ve been keeping a chronological order, I couldn’t go without mentioning my favorite track. Literally this song makes me travel in time each time I play it or listen to it . Many times I used to played it in Camarote (one of the first techno clubs in Spain).

Dj Rolando – Jaguar (Original mix)

Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro – My House EP (Yet Records)
Yet Records is an exciting new label from an artistic collective who want to connect America and Europe through shared dance music roots and influences. Dealing in deep house and tech, it kicks off with a fantastic EP from Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro complete with an Adapter remix. Chinonegro hails from Peru and was deep in music production when he met Spanish born veteran and My Little Dog label boss Sergio Parrado. The pair hit it off with a shared love of similar sounds and soon got signed to labels like Lapsus Music, Brise and Escapism. Now one of the hottest production duos in Latin America, they cook up a huge house cut that arrives just in time for summer.
Entitled ‘My House’ it is a sweeping track with bold and arresting drums that immediately carry you away on the groove. Rattling percussion and brightly coloured synths all add to the experience and make this a classy and characterful main room house track with real soul. Then comes the standout Adapter remix. He is an artist on labels like Hot Creations, Desolat and Get Physical and continues to rise through the ranks. His version completely flips the original into a more stripped back and moody house roller. The bass rumbles along and raw percussive energy builds the tension. When it drops the floor is sure to explode into action.

Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro – My House EP (Yet Records) 23rd July 2018 (No. YET001)