Gregorio Soave is a producer whose sound lends itself well to the Back 2 Mine series. Devilishly eclectic, the italian often veers toward oddball spheres, all the while maintaining a deep love and affection for all things house and techno. Despite being but a few releases in to what’s sure to be a fruitful music career, he’s already someone who seems destined for great things — especially if his latest release for Alessio Mereu’s Amam label is anything to go by. Anyhow, without further delay, here’s what happened when we put the usual task to him…


Parallell 9 – Technique

This is one is in my list of my admirations, I play it when I want to create a never ending train journey through the crowd’s emotions. I’m not quite sure how Parallel 9 was able to create a track that makes you happy using minor chords but he definitely succeeded. 6am, small capacity, dark room, and endless liberating dance moves.

Parallel 9 – Technique


Deadbeat – I.D.6

On this one Deadbeat delivered, a truly perfect dance floor weapon. A recipe that doesn’t come easy when using only a hand of ingredients/sounds. I feel like it’s some sort of sound that merges the room together, people forget about the person next to them yet they are sharing the same battleground for escaping reality, truly mesmerising.

Deadbeat – I.D.6


2562 – Brasil Deadwalker

You know when you have a crowd in front of you that is receptive and is looking to get fed some unexpected ? Well I serve a plate of Brasil Deadwalker. Raw and powerful drums that clash against the gentle pads, all of it glued together by a thumping metallic like stab. You can imagine the state of the sneakers after playing this one.

2562 – Brasil Deadwalker


NAAK & le visionnaire – Bridgeable Distances

Dirty, raw and effective. Released on Ninth World Recordings, a London based label, Bridgeable Distances is a good combination between grimy and soulful, setting the record straight on a dance floor while maintaining a sense of inner peace.

NAAK + le visionnaire | Bridgeable Distances


Skee Mask – Shady Jibbin’

When it comes to Skee Mask’s production it’s hard to choose a track that wouldn’t make this list. I personally chose this one because it’s so well balanced you can play it to open a night or to close it. I love playing break tracks that share the same power of a 4 to the floor track. If they come with moody pads, even better!

Skee Mask – Shady Jibbin'


Till Krüger – The Green

I usually find it hard to listen/play to very euphoric tracks, but this is one is different. Here Till Krüger is not joking around. I first heard this gem on the terrace of Space in Ibiza, and I lost the plot, I remember like it was yesterday when the piercing string melody came in. Needless to say the crowd was on cloud 9.

Till Krüger – The Green HQ (200 Records)


Galaxy 2 Galaxy Journey of the Dragon

Pure 808 goodness, I rarely come across such splendid arrangements like this one and to think it was released in 1993. Already merging jazz and techno at the time Mike was truly setting an example for the generations to come flawlessly.

Galaxy 2 Galaxy Journey of the Dragon UR-025


Andy Stott – Science And Industry

A true source of inspiration. Made with very few, carefully chosen elements. I listened to this song countless times and I probably will continue doing so, thanks Andy for sharing it with us.

Andy Stott – Science And Industry


Alva Noto – Xerrox Monophaser 2

Writing about this one would be challenging and probably wrong, so I’ll let you just listen and enjoy.

Alva Noto – Xerrox Monophaser 2


Paul St. Hilaire & René Löwe – Faith (Vox Mix)

I’m finishing it off with a track that I believe everyone should be untitled to hear. It’s very close to me, it’s hard coming by pieces of music that hold so much emotions and power. Especially being a dj, we often concentrate too much on seeking dance floor oriented music. The minor chords, breathy atmosphere and delicate vocal make this a life long gem.

Paul St. Hilaire & René Löwe – Faith (Vox Mix) [Re-Upload]

Gregorio Soave’s DV8 EP is out soon via Amam Records