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1. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

Tangerine Dream was the band that made me fall in love with electronic music when I turned 12.
I think that if you could bring something after death, I would bring with me this song


Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train


2. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

Absolutly the tracks made me realize that music evolves across generes.

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy


3. Curtis Mayfield – The Underground

The groove!!!

Curtis Mayfield - The Underground


4. Tornado Wallace – Insect Overlords

The Hyper Groove!!!

Tornado Wallace - Insect Overlords


5. Underworld – Cups

Underworld has always been a model in my idea of underground music and techno.

Underworld - Cups - VJ - Full Version


6. Etienne de Crecy & Alex Gopher – Someone Like You

I’m grown up with a lot of genere. There’s a lot of song that i jumped in my bad. So If you want to dance, scream and be happy , this song is one of the best you can listen loud !

Etienne de Crecy & Alex Gopher & Julien Delfaud - Someone Like You (Official Video)


7. Beach House – Myth

Life is love/ love is life, without it you’re nothing… I use this song and other 2789 songs like this to love life.

Beach House - "Myth"


8. Pink Floyd – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

I was just a child, and my father was watching a documentary about Pink Floyd on tv .. for me it was like watching a sci-fi movie. I loved my father for that too

Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun


9. JohNick – Play The World

You asked me 10 tracks, but whenever I think about the right one, 20 songs come to my mind
in this case i was thinking about my first time on a dancefloor. So also frankey Knucles, Robert Howens and so On .

JoHNick - Play The World (1995)


10. David Sylvian – Darkest Dreaming

I don’t know if closing with a dancefloor track is the right thing. Maybe I should choose a quiet track. In the first case I would choose, Laurent Garnier – The man with the red face (colossal song)
but I’m a dirt romantic man.

David Sylvian - Darkest Dreaming


Groove Squared – The Ground EP (Gravity Groove)

The Gravity Groove label was born from a party of the same name in Southern Italy. As that turned four years old, so they kicked off the imprint which now hits release number three with a five track effort from Groove Squared featuring remixes from Darren Price and Sam Pauli. Active since the 90s, Groove Squared has done everything from space funk to pop to nujazz and nowadays focusses purely on club grooves that make you move. Often hitting the top of download charts and releasing on the likes of Trapez ltd, Traum & Engrave ltd, he is an ever more regular name at top clubs around the world from Tresor to Sonar. His latest release opens with title track ‘The Ground’, an epic house cut with spaced out synths and electronics colouring the smooth rolling drums. Filled with main room drama, it is a standout cut for sure. Remixer Darren Price is best known as being the tour DJ turned key member of legendary dance duo Underworld. He uses all his knowledge of time on the road and in the studio with that outfit to serve up an old school mix that retains the original’s sense of melodic colour and proggy intentions whilst layering in some loose limbed and driving house drums that really take it up a level. ‘Breathe’ is next and is another classy tune that takes its time in really sweeping you off your feet with smooth hits, grand melodic patterns and real musicality. When some arcing, tender female vocals come in the whole thing really soars. DJ, producer and co-founder of Chapter 24 Records Sam Pauli then remixes this one with a gentle, undulating groove. The vocals remain but are more detached and dreamy and the whole thing percolates with a real sense of late night and spiritual energy. Last of all, ‘Howl’ finishes things off in resplendent fashion with gorgeous chords, melodies and bass notes all coming together with an angelic vocal that is sure to lend a celestial and heavenly feel to any DJ set.