Somewhere in between wishing WBLS was on the constant barbecue mix show and actually producing new music, I spend a large amount of time digging around for instrumental boogie records.  Here are some favorites: 


Steve Harvey – Tonight (Dub Mix) 1983

Mixed by Francois K, bassline perfection with essential xylophone action.

Steve Harvey – Tonight (Dub Mix)


Fantasy – Live the life I love (Instrumental) (1983)

From the excellent F1 Team label in Italy, italodisco / boogie jams.  Also home to Kasso, italian sound track composer Claudio Simonetti’s boogie side project (his track “College” also a real favorite).

Fantasy – Live The Life I Love (Instrumental)


Chiemi Manabe 真鍋ちえみ – ねらわれた少女 (1982) 

Japanese synth funk with a cinematic driving bassline and 80s funk from the future.  

ねらわれた少女 EP 真鍋ちえみ


The Rah Band – Messages From The Stars (1983)

This space disco hit is always great for the after party or the day party. 

The Rah band – Messages from the stars


Men At Play – Dr JAM (in the slam) (1983)

Alien voices, basketball rap, basically all of the best parts of space jam’s plot in one philly disco track.  Also great to play out just to see peoples faces when the bassline switches to basketball dribbling. 

Men At Play – Dr JAM (in the slam)


PLAISIR – Visa Pour Aimer (Instrumental) (1984)

Essential french boogie, the bassline workout 3 minutes in is crazy.  Thank god for discogs and people selling 12″ with dubs from other countries. 

PLAISIR – Visa Pour Aimer (Instrumental) 1984


The O’Jays – Put Our Heads Together (Instrumental) (1983)

Driving bassling and shimmering synths, summertime rooftop jam for sure.

The O'Jays – Put Our Heads Together (Instrumental)


World Class Wreckin Crew – World Class Freak (1986)

Can’t make one of these lists without including a Dr Dre cut.  Back when he rapped about being an actual doctor, wore satin suits and was hanging with Jimmy Z (also a favorite mix of dre from this era: “In The Mix 86”).

World Class Wreckin Cru – World Class Freak (1986)


BIBI FLASH – Histoire d’1 soir (Discomix) (1983) 

80s french boogie cheese that I’m embarrassed to love, but secretly do. It takes alot of sorting through records / boogie compilations for gems but secretly i could listen to any of the “maxi 80’s” straight through…

Bibi Flash Histoire d'1 Soir (bye bye les galères) 1983


Little Toni Marsh B Video Burnout (Dub-Version) (1983)

Talkbox dub on top of smooth percussion with the perfect amount of original vocals.  Nothing like that 80s video burnout / kids rapping about the arcade. 

Little Toni Marsh- Video Burnout (DUB VERSION)