The French have long been experts are crafting electronic music with soul. Indeed, the list of French producers who’ve left their mark on the global scene is long and varied, and the latest one to come to our attention is none other than Jules Etienne. A fierce proponent of house and disco wares, his is a sound that tends to veer toward enriching melodies and dreamy, etheral soundscapes. His latest is a case in point. Released on the Apersonal label, it sees Etienne perk up with a host of quality joints, not least ‘Free As a Man’, which is our pick of the bunch. We checked in with Mr.Etienne recently, as he gave us a lovely glimpse into some of his favourite recent ‘Back to Mine’ tracks…


Youandewan – Be Good to me Poly (AUS Music)

This one was my fave for our family trips in the car in France. Amazing album btw.

Youandewan – Be Good To Me, Poly (Music Video)


Makybee Diva – Untitled (Smallville Records)

I love this slow jam, it’s quite typical of Smallville in that it’s empty and repetitive but it has that soul that all their records do.

Makybe Diva – Untitled


Omer – Bye (Love on the Rocks)

This one is from super Omer, a charming guy from Israel living in Berlin from the Cocktail d’Amore family.


Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda – Clarity (Clarity Recordings)

The first time I heard this one it was when Harvey played in Berlin with his band. i asked him after the concert where to find this track and he told me i had to wait… it was worth it!

Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda – Clarity [CRC-02]


TI:SA – Deeper and a Step Deeper (Seven Villas)

A remix from Pablo’s (Bolivar) label. Quite fast for me but nice melody and good overall atmosphere.

TI:SA – Deeper and a step deeper (Nhar Remix)


Massimiliano Pagliara – Unstoppable Trajectory (Live at Robert Johnson)

It’s a track from Massi’s (Pagliara) new EP on LARJ and also my fave on the release. Can’t go wrong with Massi!

Massimiliano Pagliara – Unstoppable Trajectory [PLAYRJC048]


Snail Mail – Thinning (Sister Polygon Records)

I didn’t know about this band a while ago. it made me feel 20 years younger listening to it.

Snail Mail – Thinning


Disclosure – What’s In Your Head (Greco-Roman)

This one is an old one, but my DJ buddy Amore Galore played it once at a party and we had so much fun with this one. It’s been a favourite of mine since.

Disclosure – What's In Your Head


Chord Memory Band – Third Eye (Beasts Of No Nation)

Another record I found courtesy of Amore Galore. its sample based with a good atmosphere. The first track isn especially good.

Chord Memory Band – Third Eye


Trujillo – Everytime I think of U (Kiss Me Again remix) (Apersonal)

This one is from the Apersonal family. I love you guys!

Trujillo – Everytime I think of U (Kiss Me Again remix) APERSONAL27

Jules Etienne’s ‘Sounds for the Garden’ is out now on Apersonal Music.