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Phantogram – Answer

This is one song I’ve had on repeat for the past month. The climax with that piano/guitar melody is just undeniably nostalgic and heart wearming, If you want to cry, while wanting to run, in New York City, trying to catch up to your one true love who’s leaving in a cab to JFK to some place you’ve never heard of to stop them from leaving, this is the song for you.


Jadu Heart – Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea

Jadu heart has their mood nailed down to the last detail.Tthe number one song to play while in a car with your friends. They also wear animal masks while performing so that’s really cool too.

Jadu Heart - Harry Brompton's Ice Tea


Jim-E Stack – Moments Noticed

This song has that UK garage vibe to it while incorporating more contemporary synth and vocal work. Music that’s inspiring on this level is hard to come by nowadays when 90% of producers’ main focus is having a pop vocal on their music trying to get into new music Friday on Spotify. Jim-E Stack I appreciate you.

Jim-E Stack - Moments Noticed (Official Video)


Feist – I Wish I Didn’t Miss You

One of those songs that remind me how powerful you can make simple melodies by nailing the delivery, soundscape. Extremely simple, a guitar and a voice, yet with the soundscape and processing it becomes one of the most unique and impactful songs I’ve heard lately.

Feist - I Wish I Didn't Miss You


Evenings – Friend (Lover)

One of my favorite songs ever. laying down on the floor staring up at ur ceiling becomes magical with this soundtrack. If you could hear love, i’m pretty sure this is what it would sound like.

Evenings - Friend/Lover (Remastered LP Version)


Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

Quite possible one of the most emotive piano players of current music. This song is a classic, another song to play in your car, preferably riding on a highway in some desert-ish vibe place out in nowhere in the US. Bonus points if you spot a coyote.

Jon Hopkins - "Open Eye Signal" (Official Music Video)


iamamiwhoami – Play

One of those weird songs that’s just so charming in it’s weirdness. I feel like I’m dancing underwater when this comes on, lots of bubbles, lots of fish, yet I can still breathe.

iamamiwhoami; play


Clams Casino – One Last Thing

Best Bongo break you’ll hear in music? look no further.

Clams Casino - One Last Thing (Instrumental)


Hayden James – NUMB

Hayden James really takes us back to the golden age of australian music with this song, like that year after Flume dropped his debut album, where pretty much everything you heard coming out Australia was the best thing you had ever heard. Last while i’ve missed that about the australian music scene. Hayden James puts me right back there with this song. Minimal, wonky, fresh, but still digestible. You feel cool when listening to this song, and that’s all that matters really. Shout out to GRAACE as well for killer vocals on this song.

Hayden James — NUMB feat. GRAACE (Official Audio)


Anna Of The North – Oslo

Anna has one of the most honest voice’s i’ve ever heard, I feel as if she could sing about pizzatoppings and i’d still start crying, everything she does just strikes me. Music that feels as personal as this is hard to come by.

Anna of the North - Oslo (Official Video)


Kasbo Releases New Single “Bleed It Out” Ft. Nea Via Foreign Family Collective / Counter Records

Kasbo has shared his new track “Bleed It Out”. The song also features NEA who is best known for writing the hit song “Lush Life” for Zara Larsson which has streamed over 627 million times and sold platinum in the UK. She’s also collaborated with artists and producers Axwell, Tinie Tempah, Snakehips, MNEK, Icona Pop and Jasmine Thompson.

Gothenburg Based producer Kasbo (Carl Garsbo) is releasing “Bleed It Out” via Foreign Family Collective/Counter Records. When talking about the track Kasbo says, “This song like one of my other released tunes “World Away” is mainly inspired by my backpacking trip through China and Vietnam. Travelling around this place that has a complete different culture and way of life gave me a very uneasy feeling but was also very intriguing, and going there with your friends it was just a whole mess of emotions. Familiarity, clashing with fear in a complete foreign environment. There are so many new impressions during such a short time, things going on everywhere, a lot of the places we visited were extremely chaotic while at the same time very alluring. It was something that at first stemmed some kind of anxiety within me but something I grew to love, was kind of a beautiful chaos.”

Leading up to this release, the 21-year old Swede has earned over 50 million streams on his music over the past two years alone with press support from Billboard, Stereogum, THUMP, Stoney Roads, and more. He has previously supported Glass Animals on a run of North American dates and will be supporting ODESZA this fall. Dates are below.