As 2017 draws to a close, the past 12 months has seen Friendless tour alongside the likes of Duke Dumont, Shiba San and Pnau. We check in with the main man as he delivers his next studio outing in the form of ‘Crazy’ out on Melbourne’s Be Rich Records…


Welcome to DMCWORLD dude. Where in the world are you right now?

Currently sitting on Manly Beach in Sydney Australia!

You’ve just dropped your release ‘Crazy’ feat Dem Feels. Can you tell us about the track?

I’m really proud of this track! I wanted to do somewhat of a groover that’ll work on as many floors as possible. When Dem Feels came through with that vocal I was just like yeaaaaaahhh boy! It’s super hooky and has been going down a treat.

The release has come through Melbourne-based Be Rich Records – tell us a bit more about your relationship with the label…

I’ve been with Be Rich for a few years now and they have been awesome. They have really given me the freedom to develop my sound and, though some of the tangents I went on weren’t really my best choices (haha), the freedom really allowed me to reach this place where I feel there’s actually a ‘Friendless sound’. So I couldn’t be more grateful really.

Can you talk us through the remixes?

Oh man, those mixes… Firstly all of them have been amazing!

The Maximono mix is straight fire, and the darker heavier tip just compliments the OG perfectly; bringing it into so many more DJ sets than I could’ve imagined. My boy Stace Cadet really went all out on his and has been receiving so much good feedback. It really took the tune to a new level melodically. James Winter brought a true house soldier into the mix that is so useful for the late night floors and has feels for day. I’m so SUPER stoked with all of them.

So far, you’ve toured with the likes of Duke Dumont, Shiba San & Pnau – what has been your most memorable gig to date?

It’s so hard to pick one that stands out. Some of the festival shows have been incredible purely because of the scale of them, but I am in my element when I’m in low ceiling clubs like Laundry, where the walls are sweating and everyone is just losing it.

The Aston Shuffle regularly support your records on their Triple J show. In general, how supportive is the Aussie electronic scene?

The community is super supportive. I was just commenting the other day on how such a large amount of the music I play is from Aus producers and I am very sure it is the same for a lot of us.

Dead or alive, who would your dream B2B set be with?

Woah! WAAAY too hard so imma go super left field and say dropping acid and picking tunes with Jimi Hendrix would be quite a vibe.

Over the next month, you’ll continue your residency at Ministry of Sound, Sydney, as well as playing alongside Shiba San at Chinese Laundry, Sydney. Where else is good to party in NSW?

There are so many good things popping up in and around Sydney at the moment. Sub91 warehouse parties, Sweethearts Rooftops on Sunday for a filthy day time Tech party, Porridge starting at 5am on a Saturday at 77s, Laundry is always a vibe, Starfuckers for the party, SASH on Sundays for the heads – summer in Sydney is ridic.

How will you be seeing in the New Year?

I’ve been booked for a private party at a mansion in Sydney – it’s gonna be nasty. I’m concerned for my NYD.

What’s in store for 2018?

2018 is looking CRAZY (see what I did there?). 2 more records lined up and ready to drop, national tour over here early in the year and then hitting the UK/EU for the northern summer. It’s gonna be tough!


Forthcoming tour dates…

2nd December – Ministry of Sound, Sydney
9th December – Ministry of Sound, Sydney
16th December – Kyte, Canberra
23rd December – Chinese Laundry, Sydney w/ Shiba San
30th December – Ministry of Sound, Sydney

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