Kohra (ک()رہ Urdu – fog or mist) is a versatile and forward-thinking DJ/producer. He expresses his visual and aural sensibilities via Qilla (قلعه Urdu – fort or castle) Records which he set up in 2011 to promote a wide range of underground music from India and across the world.
We caught up with him recently, as he talked us through his favourite Back To Mine tracks…

1. Synkro – Midnight Sun

I’ve been a fan of the UK based ’Synkro’ for a while now. His album ‘Changes’ was on my playlist for quite a while. I love how this track takes a more relaxed and feel good direction compared to his more atmospheric and signature spaced out grooves.

Synkro – Midnight Sun


2. Mike Oldfield – Crisis

I remember this as one of the first pieces of music I heard thanks to my dad while I was still on all fours. The kind of music Mike Oldfield was was making back in 1983 is incredible, considering there were no boundaries in his music. He did this a lot before the DIY culture came about where breaking rules became a lot easier and affordable so due respect in his case.

Crises (2013 Remaster)


3. Dorisburg – Irrbloss

A true masterpiece from a few years ago but has a somewhat everlasting feel to it.

Dorisburg – Irrbloss

4. Etapp Kyle – Alpha

Although this was released as part of Etapp Kyle’s ‘Alpha’ on the legendary ‘Ostgut Ton’ only a few years ago, it’s a classic for me already. It’s such a fine balance of the past and future it’s unreal. A personal favourite of mine and extremely well produced with ultimate precision.

Etapp Kyle – Alpha


5. Answer Code Request – Cicadae

This one blew me away with it’s contrasting elements. A warm four to the floor groove going into breaks and then ambient with a restrain that’s holding everything together but in the subtlest way possible. A breakthrough track for me in recent times.

Answer Code Request – Cicadae [OSTGUTLP28]


6. Jensen Interceptor – E40

Sinister, infectious, minimalistic and absolutely yummy!

Jensen Interceptor – E40


7. Tiga & Clarian – Stay Cool

A perfect name for a party starter and probably never leaving my USB sticks.

Tiga And Clarian – You're So Special



8. Dj Rap – Changes

I got my hands on ‘Changes’ by Dj Rap which was released in 1999 while I was still in school. I can’t believe it’s already two decades old!

Dj Rap – Changes


9. Mariel Ito – Lovely

Eric Estornel has been a constant source of inspiration as a producer who’s always pushing the boundaries and using his experience as an engineer and producer to make hits after hits of just really cool music. I’ve enjoyed his work over the years as his darker avatar of Maetrik to the very well known Maceo Plex and now even his new album on R&S under his most recent moniker of Mariel Ito.

Mariel Ito – Lovely


10. A.R. Rahman – Bombay Theme

This wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention A.R. Rahman. A prolific producer and huge part of my musical influences at an early age. Almost everything the genius has done still sounds relevant in it’s own right which is really rare and commendable.

A.R. Rahman – Bombay Theme

Kohra is set to release his new EP Acid Kidz via Qilla Records on 4th March 2019.

Pre-order it here: http://smarturl.it/QR068