Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves

I want to be them when I hear this. I want to be where they are. I want to be as cool as they sound and I feel I¹m half way there just by listening to this.

Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves


Sylvester – Rock the Box

I¹ve noticed some people find it cheezy but I think it¹s the coolest. I always play this when I DJ.

Sylvester – Rock the Box


Supermax – Ain’t Gonna Feel

There¹s a record shop in Stockholm called Snickars Records where I go and ask for recommendations. I just say ²I want something that sounds like this and thatŠ² and Mike who has the shop will go away for a few minutes and come back with something great. This minimalistic masterpiece was one of these. Little did I know everything else he / they did was so crappy. But who cares, this is lovely!

Supermax – Ain't Gonna Feel


Virgo – R U Hot Enough

I honestly don¹t know why I love this so much. It¹s so basic, so simple, almost pointless. But it¹s great somehow.

Virgo – R U Hot Enough

vKraftwerk – It’s more fun to compute

One of the funkiest tracks of all time. If they weren¹t one of the most known electronic acts of all time I think I¹d be chocked to know it was four white dudes from Germany who look like accountant. Great looking and stylish accountants, but still..

Kraftwerk – It's more fun to compute


Fad Gadget – Back to nature

I started listening to Fad Gadget when I was 9 and this still sounds amazing.


Chromatics – Looking For Love

Chromatics – Looking For Love (2013)

I¹m a sucker for arpeggios and this is one of the finest.


Pretty Tony – Jam the Box

In case someone hasn¹t noticed, I¹m a sucker for vocoders too.

Pretty Tony – Jam The Box


Kano – Don’ t Try To Stop Me


Kano – Don' t Try To Stop Me


Farah – Law Of Life

Somehow this pretty much gives me exactly the same feelings as Cosmetics ²Black Leather Gloves², but I possibly love this even more.

Farah – Law Of Life


His new single Cash is out now –

New LP Out 4/21/2017 via Sweden’s Labrador Records

Nightshift is an album brimful of lazy space-funk, electro-noir, and feral pop frenzy from the hyper-confident musical alter-ego of Stockholm-based Labrador Records label-head Johan Angergård (Djustin, Club 8, Acid House Kings).

“With people like Trump, Putin, and Jinping ruling and ruining the world I need this creative outlet more than ever,” explains Angergård (a pretty mild-mannered guy IRL) of his return as The Legends. “I don’t know if it’s a happy album… it’s more of an ‘eat-your-SSRIs-and-try-to-enjoy-yourself-FFS!’ kind of record.”

Fully embracing the theme, the album kickstarts with ”Cash” a vocoder-dripped, cocksure single that swaggers in and proclaims: “I’m the kind of guy that everybody wants to be / They’re throwing all their cash on me.”

Like past The Legends’ albums – 2009’s noise-pop debut LP Over And Over and 2015’s fragile and romantic It’s Love ft. “Keep Him”, Nightshift represents a change in direction.

The album sees Angergård taking full ownership of his solo project, bringing The Legends on to his own Labrador Records (home to The Radio Dept., Pallers, Club 8, Acid House Kings + more). “I’m more self-confident today and figured I might as well go all DIY again. As much as I love other people, there’s just no opinion I value higher than my own right now.”

“Cash” follows a steady burn of single releases throughout 2016 including two new self-released tracks “Cocaine” ft. Maria Usbeck and “Summer In The City (Living Is For Somebody Else)”, and the Chainsmokers cover “Roses”. The new tracks appear on the forthcoming Nightshift.

On this third LP the artist embraces his inner tech geek with a heavy dose of vocoders and analogue synthesizers. The new 16-track collection was inspired by the funkiest electronic music he could find: “I love Futurism. I love the dynamism of modern technology. I love the endless possibilities… ‘Nightshift’ might be a night album, but it’s lit up by neon.”