Back To Mine with Local Suicide


1. Mau Mau – Herzschlag

This is one of Brax Moody’s crate digging finds. Mau Mau is the band that was founded in 1981 by DAF guitarist Wolfgang Spelmanns and DAF bass player Michael Kemner and is a part of the German New Wave scene. A great track to start the day, very energetic and uplifting.

Mau Mau Herzschlag


2. Of Montreal –  Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

Of Montreal is one the bands that made us click, we both loved them and remember talking about them on the first night we met in March 2007.

of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (Full album)


3. John Maus – Keep Pushin’ On

John Maus is a genius. Great records, amazing live concerts. We even have his album cover with the Venus Transit hanging in our living room.

John Maus - Keep Pushing On


4. Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Nine Inch Nails have never seized to amaze and thrill us. Totally fond of all their work, picked Closer for the exceptional video.

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Director's Cut)


5. Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Bauhaus are one of those bands whose sound and image became synonymous with an entire subculture, inspiring many generations to follow. A classic you can never get enough of.

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Original)


6. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

There was a point when we became obsessed with Miami Vice and started watching several episodes of the series every day. We loved the cast, the plot, the aesthetics and the soundtrack. From Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice Theme, to Crockets Theme to this one by Phil Collins with the epic drums part:

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Music Video)


7. Air – 10000 HZ Legend

1000 HZ by Air is the ultimate feel good album. And at the same time funny, sarcastic, futuristic. Many critics and fans hated it, as it had little to do with the loved by all Moon Safari, but we think it’s a misunderstood masterpiece.

Air - Full Album - 10000 Hz Legend


8. Falco – Ganz Wien

Brax Moody has a thing for Falco, possesses his entire discography, has watched films and read books about him. So we get to listen to a lot of his stuff at home. Here is one of his less known little diamonds:


9. Ultimate Spinach – Ballad of The Hip Death Goddess

This is the perfect road trip psychedelic song. Vamparela remembers the first time she heard it she was in a friends car driving to the beach. Her sister, best friend and herself loved it so much, they had to listen to in on repeat for the rest of the drive. Ultimate Spinach – Ballad of The Hip Death Goddess



10. Raymond Scott – Soothing Sounds for Babies

We discovered Raymond Scott some years ago and were so amazed by him that we even decided to get in contact with his son and interview him for our blog ( He is an electronic music pioneer, whose accomplishments are one of a kind. This album is the perfect music to fall asleep to!

Raymond Scott ‎- Soothing Sounds For Baby Vol. 1 (1962) FULL ALBUM


Theus Mago & Local Suicide – Komm Ins Loch (Duro) Release: 18th January 2019 Cat No: DURO019

After a fantastic solo single in late 2018, Theus Mago is back with more club heat, this time in collaboration with the Local Suicide duo on his own co-run Duro label, while Aera and Colossio remix.
Theus Mago is the alter-ego of established Mexican producer Mateo González. Responsible for projects such as Bufi (Kitsuné/Discotexas) and Sonido Fantasma (Turbo Recordings) he has a deeply expressive, freeform sound that mixes darker moods with beautiful synths. After releasing a series of EPs inspired by Philip K. Dick’s Ubik, he now works with Berlin-based DJs and real-life couple Brax Moody (Munich) and Vamparela (Thessaloniki) who have been collaborating and making waves together since 2007. The pair has found success releasing on Canada’s My Favorite Robot Records and Multi Culti, and San Francisco’s Roam.
The excellent lead single has lyrics translated from German to English as ‘Come Into The Hole’. This double entendre can be taken as the never-ending vortex of deep space, as well as the dark recesses of underground clubs, which is where the track will resonate. It has sparkling keys and droning synths laid over big rubbery kicks. Post-punk vocals bring a dark energy and slight EBM feel as the jacking percussion drives it along and gets the floor in a sweat.
The first fantastic remix comes from Aera, who has recently released his own album ‘The Sound Path’ on Permanent Vacation. With a heavy hand on the filter, Aera removes most of the sparkling highs of the track in favour of its more foreboding frequencies. His remix was one of the highlights at the Innervisions Off Sonar Open Air event, during Áme’s back to back set with Dixon and at Tomorrowland during Solomun’s set. On the flip side, Colossio’s vital interpretation of the track is brighter, as the Mexican artist who recently made a debut splash with his four track EP ‘Moto’ on Calypso Records, enlivens and accentuates the vocals, making for something that is fresh and arresting.

Theus Mago & Local Suicide – Komm Ins Loch (Duro) Release: 18th January 2019 Cat No: DURO019