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Afterhours… still standing

What would be a boozy night with friends without these not really needed afterhours with those kind of drinks you instantly regret the morning (let´s be honest: afternoon) after (“this last gin tonic was really important at 6 in the morning”)?
Right, that´s probably the reason why my brother Mario and me kind of specialized on these kind of activities. Our friends still love us and we made a list of our Top 10 afterhour tunes. Cheers!


1. Brockhampton – Gold

Very beautiful unconventional Soundlandscapes which are softly combined with tight beats. In addition you have the different facets of different rappers. Very diversified, although catchy and especially authentic.



2. How To Destroy Angels – How Long?

I watched the video when I first listened to this song. This is a strong combination and is really disturbing. It really gives you shivers and this feeling of emptiness, in a good way I guess.

How To Destroy Angels - How Long?


3. Battles – The Yabba

I saw this band for the first time at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, madness! An endless overlap of different facets of sound aspects combined with minimalist beats which hold everything together. This narrow grade between rising and total restraint- great!

Battles - The Yabba


4. Future Islands – Ran

I just love this mood that they create in each of their songs. It imparts as well atmosphere of departure as well as total melancholy. Running away or staying when all gets too much? Future Islands is always on and suits every situation, best with a cold drink processing the past night, of course.

Future Islands - Ran (Official Video)


5. Bon Iver – CR∑∑KS

No words needed. Best artist of our generation. A Creation of a total innovative vocal effect. This vibe is really touching, whether you want it or not. You just can’t control it. You are delivered. The moment where the non- music- loving people at the party ask you to please not get nerdy now. We love nerdy!

Bon Iver - 715 - CR∑∑KS - Official Video


6. M83 – Midnight City

It´s the vibe about that song that caught me, when I heard it the first time. I didn´t even see the video before. When that was the case, I was all in. The synthie hook is genius also and a fixed part of when we are hanging out after a good night.

M83 'Midnight City' Official video


7. Flume – Fantastic feat. Dave Glass Animals

Two great artists join forces and put together this great piece of music. When I heard this song for the first time during a hangover run on a sunday morning the voice of Glass Animals singer Dave Bayley seemed familiar right away and I kind of fell for this song. Perfect lethargic vibe that seems to be fitting in so many sentiments.

Flume - Fantastic feat. Dave Glass Animals


8. Christian Löffler – Lid

This song definitely reminds me of my time in Berlin. Leaving a familiar setting, moving into this colorful city, which is packed with inspirational people. I used to listen to this song during my morning workout, running into people that haven´t slept for days. Positive thoughts when looking back, although knowing that this won´t be a home for good. This song is for the people who tend to get emotional when drinking. Fingers pointing in my direction right now.

Christian Löffler - Lid


9. Rihanna – Needed Me

This song is never missing at one of our after-hours. Not only because every party needs a Rihanna song, this one is perfect for slowing down a party- night, not ready to go to sleep yet. There also might be the slight chance that the party will blaze up again after playing this song- but I guess in that case we don´t wanna play safe.


10. Grimes – REALiTi

This song is the cucumber water after a boozy night. Daylight slowly fading in, illuminating the last ones standing swaying to the sound or well, maybe just passing out.


MYNTH - MIRRORS (official video)


The new Mynth single Mirrors is all about, well, reflections. First and foremost it’s about the twins that make up the band reflecting in each other, their different worlds even though they grew up so close to each other, but also their similarities and what they have to offer to their sibling. But Mynth also mirror their former selves as a band. On the surface they changed to a lighter sound, less brooding and melancholic. But at the core it is still their characteristic interpretation of electronic downtempo pop music. Mirrors heralds a new Mynth album coming early 2018.
Mynth are twins Giovanna and Mario. Their sound is shaped by the special connection they share as twins, their bond similar to people finishing each other’s sentences, only with music. Their debut EP Polar Night was released on Seayou Records in February 2015. On their debut full length released almost exactly one year later in February 2016 they continued that sound, yet more defined: synthesizer soundscapes, downtempo beats, and an ethereal voice, resonating between calm, introspective melancholy and temperamental outbursts. Influences range from Jessie Ware to Lorde, Portishead to Laurie Anderson.
In 2017 Mynth won an Amadeus Austrian Music award in the category Electronic/Dance. Their new album will see its release in early 2018.