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Boards of Canada – Roygbiv

This track was a big thing for me and my partner Maud in Scratch Massive. I think it did structure a lot of our sounds in a way.
Magnificent track!

boards of canada - roygbiv


Visage – Fade to Grey

I think its grace of the music for Soft Cell and Visage I discovered the Detroit Techno music. It was the perfect music design for me, a lot of synths, melancholia, drum machines. When Detroit Music arrived it was just a logical bridge to reach!

Visage - Fade To Grey [1980] HQ HD


Autechre – Arch Carrier

A other masterpiece in history of electronic music, the meeting with Phillip Glass and the complexity of FM Synthesis from Autechre and the Sheffield sound. A pure beauty.

Autechre - Arch Carrier


Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

Once again, I was crazy about this music when I discover it, it was just perfect the perfect sound, I still listening a lot of 80’s music not by nostalgia at all but just because it is one of my favorite music ever. For the little story, our dream with Maud Geffray and Scratch Massive happened e couple of years ago when we did a song called ’Take Me There” for our last album “Nuit De Reve” with Jimmy Somerville, lead singer of Bronski Beat..

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy ORIGINAL VIDEO


Soft Cell – Seedy Films

And here comes the partner in crime, same thing for this one, Marc Almond was more than important in my life, I discover Tainted Love Extended Version in a night club with my parents when I was 11. Done and packed in my head for ever and ever. 

Soft Cell - Seedy Films (Official Video Release HD)


Amnesia – Ibiza

And then came the new beat and the Acid House movement, with Altern 8, all the Belgian producers, R&s..
Amnesia was so strong and powerful, it was the beginning of the pure transe music


Public Energy – Three O Three

My first techno track!, I played this guy so much, it is still timeless, so full of energy. this is techno for me.

Public Energy - Three O' Three - Probe Records Classic


Drexcya – Black Sea

The beauty of Detroit, industrial deep techno!


Aphex Twin – Heliosphan

Magistral, magnificent, Aphex Twin was one of the first techno producers I listen first when I discover this music.
Never left me since..

Aphex Twin - Heliosphan


Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth

Germany circa 1993/94 was very important period for me, it was so romantic all was pads and synths leads, I was crazy about Eye Q Records, Cosmic Baby, Harthouse, and of course Bonzai Records and Jones Stephenson!


Sebastien Chenut – M.O.L.R.M.X. (bORDEL Records)

bORDEL Records now hits release number ten in style with an EP from label co-boss and Los Angeles based artist Sebastien Chenut. It features one original, one remix from Sutja Gutierrez and a live take version by C.A.R. Parisian Sebastien Chenut is half of French electronic duo Scratch Massive and has been making music for 15 years plus. As both a vocalist and a beat maker he produces gorgeous synth pop and electro that is effortlessly breezy. Here he gets a little darker and more experimental with a moody cut of fizzing electronics.
C.A.R. is Chloé Raunet, a half-French, Canadian born, London based artist who was signed to Kill The DJ, co-hosts a show on NTS and makes music on the weirder-end of electronic spectrum that mixes up pop, synth, post punk and kraut into her own beguiling forms. She was also the vocalist for the band Battant. First up is her live take version of ‘Motor Of Love’ and it’s a slowly unfolding track with shadowy drones and curious synth chords all building to a crescendo. Swirling pads add scale and foreboding vocals bring a sense of menace to this eerie arrangement.
Next comes a remix from Sutja Gutierrez, a Spaniard who is an artist, musician, member of the band The Fruhstucks as well as a host of the radio show Rational Anthem at His scintillating version is a blizzard of electronic and guitar riffs, whirring machine sounds and stormy atmospheres all underpinned by jumbled drums. It is one to get your whole body on edge and is a potent and powerful brew. The excellent original version of ‘Motor of Love’ is a freeform synth jam with lines that gurgle and bubble about, changing shape and pattern before your very ears. The soft rubber drums progressively sweep you up and a distant mix of watery sounds, whispery vocals and dark acid slowly come to the fore so things end up in a very different place from where they start.

Sebastien Chenut – M.O.L.R.M.X. (bORDEL Records) Release: June 30th 2017 Cat. No.: bORDEL010