Every so often a DJ/producer perks up on these here pages who really nails the Back to Mine concept. It’s fair to note that Yeni is one such artist. Despite living in Switzerland, Yeni is a native of Lepizig, and it’s the German city that duly provided her with an expert music education. Her selection is a mix of the banging, the up-tempo and the more melancholic; all nonetheless very much geared to the afterparty. For techno fans especially, this one is well-worth getting stuck into!


Ben Klock – Sirens

I heard this track during ADE after a hard night and even if I was super tired and wasted, this track built me up again and I really appreciated the special feeling it gave me

Ben Klock – Sirens


Fenshu – Stuhlgang auf dem Dancefloor

Fenshu did a lot of great tracks and his collaboration with Macross ,”Darwin” was always the last record at my favourite techno club in Leipzig back when I was 15/16 years old. So I chose his track “Stuhlgang auf dem Dancefloor” because it’s a great production and really keeps me going when playing at an afterhour.

Fenshu — Stuhlgang Auf Der Dancefloor


Jark Prongo – Movin Thru Your System (Dave Clarke Remix)

This track was on all of my tapes back when I was a teenager and I really enjoyed dancing to it in the morning light of Summer Spirit, a festival which was held in Niedergörsdorf in East Germany.

Jark Prongo – Movin Thru Your System (Dave Clarke Remix)


Audion – Kisses

Audion is a master for me and his productions are timeless and very sophisticated. So ‘Kisses’ somehow describes the feeling when you are like “humpty dumpty” in an afterhour and your body and your brain are not working together anymore.

Audion – Kisses


Broken English Club – Glass

So, after the other tracks you will find a common style in all of the selected tracks. Either they are super going-forward in a wasted way with pregnant mind-taking synths or with vocals that are able to make you think about them during the whole track.

Broken English Club – Glass


Gecko – Just Close Your Eyes

What more can I say about that track? “Just close your eyes, forget the world, forget the people, forget your pain” – there’s nothing more I can add to that.

Gecko – Just Close Your Eyes (High Quality)


Aurora Halal – Just Tell Me

Aurora Halal is a great artist who delivers amazing live sets and I really like her track “Just Tell Me” which is dreamy and perfect for an afterhour.


Rrose – Purge

Next to Aurora I thinks Rrose is a very important female act. I play every track from her.


Konstantin Sibold – Mutter

Of course this one should not get missed as it’s taking you away with it’s groovyness and you feel like flying when listening to it.

Konstantin Sibold – Mutter (Original Mix)


Sebrok, Northern Lite – In Japan (Adam Port Remix)

That was one of my teenager phase as well. I had that one on a lot of tapes and loved to listen to it when celebrating especially.

Sebrok – In Japan, Adam Port RMX

We Are Cyborgs Vol. 1’ is out soon via Yeni’s Cyborgs in Love imprint