Khillaudio – After Party

The title says it all really. I do like afterparties, or better did…. nah, i still do love a good one but with age comes more responsibility and as such i’m very picky with the really wee hour parties. The track is mine, and was released on wax on the French STRCTR records as an ode to the After Party (the title really matched with the sample) and then OOUKFunkyOO made a really cool and matching vid for it, the rest is history.

Khillaudio – After Party


Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

Stone cold classic that shouldn’t need a lot of words to introduce it. Still does it after 1000s of plays. 11 minutes of bliss.

Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt


Soofle – How Do You Plead

Ludovic Navarre aka St Germain is a guy i’ve been following since i’ve started collecting music and dj-ing. His releases are instabuys / buy on sight without listening as you know it will always be top notch music. I could have easily compiled a 10 track list with works of all his different aliases.

Soofle – How Do You Plead?


Etienne De Crecy – Prix Choc

Since i’m Belgian and located close to France, a lot of the french touch crossed the border and was quite popular overhere too. Always loved the Super Discount album, and basically, with a song about sensimillia you simply can’t go wrong on any after 🙂

Etienne De Crecy – Prix choc


Daddy’s Favourite – I Feel Good Things For You (Kevin Yost Mix)

One of those tracks with a smoking hot original mix that can set any dance floor on fire in a flash, but i choose the remix by Kevin Yost. So mellow, and moody with the piano solo, while retaining the key element.

Daddy's Favourite – I Feel Good Things For You (Kevin Yost Mix)


Larry Heard – After Hours

Deep and intense like everything Larry has released.

LARRY HEARD – After Hours


Kenloo – Gimme Groove

Another stone cold classic by Louie Vega and Kenny Dope. Good stuff, seriously without expiration date.

Kenlou – Gimme Groove


Jam shed – Get On Board

I’ve always been a fan of B-sides! The place on a vinyl where i usually found treasures like this one. Released in 1994 on Dobre & Jamez imprint Touché. Lovely label from the Netherlands.

Jamshed – Get On Board


Soel – To This World

Ludovic Navarre’s aka St Germain’s other alias Soel with more Jazzy / downbeat flavored tracks. The entire album is pure quality for different listening environments. From couch to bar to dance floor. To This World has a certain Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy vibe to it.

SOEL – To this world


Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi

Max Berlin, aka Jean-Pierre Cerrone (brother of Cerrone) with a belter of an erotic disco track from 1987. I have no idea how many times i’ve played this tune but it’s a lot, and it just doen’t get boring. The perfect last track to end a night, and send your dancers home with a warm feeling.

Max Berlin – Elle et moi

Khillaudio’s ‘Swingin Times’ EP is out soon on Gents & Dandy’s Records