Late night sessions with the coolest tunes in town

01. Joe Crow – Compulsion
Super early dark electronics from the 1980’s and being re-released soon.

02.  Vangelis – Dr Tyrell’s Death
Blade Runner is my all time favourite film, and this classic from the soundtrack always sends a chill up my spine.

03. Jane Weaver – Cells
Last year’s killer album with this beautiful mournful gem.

04. Bot’Ox – Crashed Cadillac
This track always sorts the lightweights from the party heads on a late night session… you can see people looking around in the middle part thinking “are you hearing that too?”

05. Turzi – Baltimore (Lovelock Mix)
Bobby Gillisepie and Lovelock makes for good sleazy grooves !

06. Caribou – Silver
Last year’s amazing LP featured this gorgeous tune… such beautiful synths… angels would be proud.

07. Kraftwerk – Ohm Sweet Ohm
The dons present their most fine mellow… pure transcendental electronics.

08 Michael Bundt – La Chasse Aux Microbes
This is one for horizontal late night spaced out moments… early electronics at its best.

09. Vercetti Technicolour – Ambassadors of Death
Great modern take on analogue synth darkness. This is the tune to shift out the late night stragglers from the after hours!

10. Rudy Green – Juicy Fruit
Always have had a love of early R&B and rock and roll… and this is track is my favourite by far… pure photo rap braggadocio !

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