Tunes from the heart from the Leipzig don

1. Asa-Chung & Junray: Hana
The track is from 2002 and it’s my absolute favourite at the moment. The lyrics are about a flower that’s not been noticed by anyone.

2. Jan Roth: Einundzwanzig
Jan Roth is a Leipzig based musician and his album L.O.W. is the kind of record you can listen to for hours.

3. Ada: Faith
One of my best friends sent me this record for my birthday. – I was into it by first listing.

4. Huss und Hodn
I grew up with rap-music and still listen to it almost every day. I love the Huss und Hodn guys for their combination of rough-sampled-jazz-beats with sarcastic and intelligent raps on it.

5. Praezisa Rapid: 3000 – 314159265
Präzisa Rapid are 3 guys from Leipzig and I’m sure the world would be a better place if everybody ilistened to 3000 – 314159265 for breakfast.

6. Arca: Thievery
I’m totaly flashed by the pathetic and distorted sound and the arrangement.  The video hits you right into your stomach.

7. Martin Kohlstedt: Exa
Martin is a very inspiring person. He makes this kind of music you have to listen to live to fly back from thursday to monday.

8. Ton Steine Scherben: Keine Macht Für Niemand
When I was younger I’ve listend to this record a thousand times.  And when the first song starts it still opens up my heart!

9. Planningtorock: Misxgyny Drxp Dead
What should I say?!

10. Marbert Rocel: Love Me (Good Guy Mikesch & Filburt Remix)
This whole music thing started for me with my band Marbert Rocel. And this Good Guy Mikesch and Filburt remix is the best to come down in every situation.

Hafendisko – Nummer Eins including Panthera Krause Oblisk is out now :


Panthera Krause spends most of his time doing somersaults somewhere between music, illustration and friends. When the Leipzig based producer started making music, TVs were huge boxes and the internet was a realm gated by 56k-modems. It all started with a weekly radioshow on a local radiostation where Panthera played all his favourite music from Autechre to Mercedes Sosa and from Kool Savas to J. B. Lenoir, which he found in local record stores or in daddy’s vinyl collection. In 2005 he started the band Marbert Rocel  togehther with some of his friends and released in 2007 the first of 3 LPs on Compost-Reccords. Marbert Rocel played a lot of gigs from Moskau to Amsterdam and from Rostock to Istanbul, they released an EP on Fenou and made stunning remixes, for example for Lana Del Reys Summertime Sadness. Above all Panthera’s passion has always been to work on his own idea of music, framed in housy, MPC-ruled beats, cut-throat samples and a fresh breeze of dirt. It was in 2012 when he releasd his first solo track Cassandra on the Leipzig based label O*RS, this was followed by his first Ep Yorikke in 2013 – a three-track record which was released on Riotvan. After touring with his live-show as well as with his bands Marbert Rocel and Karocel, Panthera found time to work on his second Ep Laika (Riotvan, 2014). This caused a storm of feedback from Axel Boman to Robag Whrume and from Kyoto to Offenbach. And as if that was not enough Gilles Peterson got in touch with Panthera’s sound and asked for an exclusiv radio-mix for his World-Wide-Family-Mixtape. In 2014 Panthera played gigs from Genova to London and from Götrlitz to Leipzig and released the Rules-EP on the london based label Lobster Theremin – a mid-summer trip into the heart of Panthera Krause.