Télépopmusik – Breathe

I was 13 when this song was released and I perfectly remember how many emotions it created inside of me. One of the responsibility of me wanting to discover how to create electronic music. It stills giving me peace, joy and a bunch of beautiful emotions. I will listen to it forever, everywhere, anytime. 

Breathe – Télépopmusik

Bonobo feat. Nick Murphy – No Reason

I am a big fan of Bonobo and Chet Faker/Nick Murphy, so when I saw they were collaborating I was expecting top notch quality… But this song just topped off any expectations. I am addicted to it since I heard it for the first time.

Bonobo Ft. Nick Murphy – No Reason


Guy Gerber – Stoppage Time  

The early Gerber was a huge influence to me more than a decade ago… I still listen to “Late Bloomers” as one of the key albums of my life. “Stoppage Time” was, for me, a life lesson. I still listen to it with admiration.

Metric – Gold Guns Girls

I’ve been all my life into 2000’s indie rock music and this is for me probably one of the best songs ever made in that genre. It’s uplifting, it’s emotional, it’s powerful. I love it, and I listen to it almost every day. 

Gold Guns Girls [Official Music Video] – METRIC

Underworld – Two Months Off

Do I really need to describe a sacred masterpiece?

Underworld – Two Months Off

CZR feat. Daryl Pandy – Bad Enough (Undagroundiscofunk Remix)

I fell in love with electronic music because my older sister was always bringing cassettes with some gems in them. I perfectly remember how obsessed I was with this track. I still can’t get enough of it… If you come to my house by surprise is probable that you find me losing my sh*t around the living room blasting this track lol 

CZR feat. Daryl Pandy – Bad Enough (Discofunkadelic Remix) (1998)

The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

Another masterpiece I discovered thanks to my sister… I love how it shifts emotions along the way… A must in my playlists. 

Ludovico Einaudi – Una Mattina

There are songs that has been touched by God, The Creator, The Universe or however you wanna call this unexplainable energy that makes outstanding things. This is undoubtedly one of them. It makes me a bit sad but, in a very beautiful way. A must of my introspective moments. 

Ludovico Einaudi – Una Mattina

Recondite – Cleric

Simple, beautiful and delicate but at the same time powerful and energetic. I always find myself revisiting what’s for me the best work ever made by Recondite. 

Recondite – Cleric – EC10 EP (Dystopian003)

Limahl – Neverending Story

C’mon, I am Bastian Bux lol. Jokes apart, this perfectly made song produced by the genius Giorgio Moroder has been with me since I have memory. And it will stay with me, for sure, till the end. 

Limahl – Never Ending Story (Official Music Video)

Bastian Bux – Transition EP (Terminal M)

We all need them, we all love them, not everyone can make them… But Bastian Bux most certainly can. Here are three fine examples as he makes his debut on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M.
‘Transition’ takes the lead. Its snow-plough kicks and off-beat bass notes bumping relentlessly in true techno style while the big synth weaves nodding back to the original house sound he came through with, it more than lives up to its name. It’s backed up by more high-grade goods: ‘Monad’ raises the techno intensity even further with its rubber ball beats and soaring bass arcs and industrial-strength dynamics while ‘Duality’ whips up a whole barrage of emotions as he takes us down a deep, synth rabbit hole. Stripped back to its bare melodic elements and stunning moments of space and silence; it’s a reminder that transitions don’t always have to take you up… They can take things right down to the bare notes too.
Complete with an outstanding remix of ‘Monad’ from runaway French talent [Wex 10], this is Bastian’s most comprehensive and creatively broad EP so far. Not just transitions for us to play, but transitions in his own sound, career and life. Mood flipping, direction switching perfect moments. The next level beckons…