Love Harder

Love Harder is a name that popped up on the DMC radar last year with ‘Oblivion’ ft Amber Day, a debut single snapped up by Ultra Music no less, which went on to stream some big numbers. This was followed by ‘Beat Of My Heart’ a top quality collaboration with one our favourite Belgian producers, Lost Frequencies, so when we heard that Love Harder had just dropped a new single ‘Outta My Head’ ft Julie Bergan on Ultra Music we though it was time to find out a bit more about this rising star.     

Hi Will and welcome to DMC World. Where in the world are you right now and what have you been doing?

Hi guys:! I am actually back in London! I was just in Stockholm for the opening of the new Ultra Studios, and I played a quick set and performed my new single with Julie Bergan “Outta My Head”. Then I stayed a couple of extra days to make some music!

For those who haven’t heard any of your music, how would you describe Love Harder?

Fun, nostalgic, simple, danceable.

You’ve had a pretty spectacular start! Your first single ‘Oblivion’ ft Amber Day racked up 13 million streams as did ‘Beat Of My Heart’ your collaboration with Lost Frequencies. Your new single ‘Outta My Head’ ft Julie Bergan seems to be heading the same way – are you thinking about commercial success when you produce as Love Harder or have you just got lucky?

Honestly, I have just got lucky. So far I have only made records that just came intuitively and naturally, without any real thought behind it. “Oblivion” started when I was in France packing my suitcase and the melody came to me out of nowhere. I wasn’t when thinking about music. So recorded it in my phone and made the track on the plane from Nice to London Gatwick with the first sounds that I just found. I almost didn’t try to produce it yet somehow it all worked together. And then I forgot about it for almost a year. One day at the end of a session with Amber Van Day and Hannah Wilson, I remembered it and said to the girls I needed lyrics and they immediately wrote it in like 15 mins! We recorded it and boom! It was all so effortless and I got really lucky. The same thing happened, pretty much, with “Outta My Head” and “Beat Of My Heart” insofar as they both happened without much of a thought of what they should be or what they would become. Now though I can see a sound forming and I want to explore it.

Where did your musical journey began and where had it taken you up to this point?

It all began with Michael Jackson, and then I jumped to Hardcore Gabba and Happy Hardcore! I learned to play by trying to recreate the Happy Hardcore piano riffs I loved when I was like 13/14 and I became obsessed with making dance music. When I was 19 I started to get some success in the UK garage scene and moved on to experimenting with all sorts of music. I wanted to cross all genres. I also wanted to make pop music and decided I would try and have a Number 1 record in every country, so I went travelling around the world and got pretty successful. Spent some time in Asia too, to try to understand Kpop and how they understood and made music. I spent some time in America too working on urban stuff and I got to work with some of my idols, like Chad Hugo from the Neptunes / N.E.R.D. I just explored so much and collaborated so much. And now felt like the right time to come back to my roots, dance music, and to do something that’s just for myself.

If you could rewind to any era of music what would it be and why?

Late 70s and early 80’s so I could get to work with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Rod Temperton. 

You’re already a successful songwriter working with big names such as Pussycat Dolls, Aloe Blacc, The Vamps and many more. You’ve also collaborated with other artists on each Love Harder track so far. Do you think you always make better music if other people are involved? Who would be your dream collaboration?

Collaboration is an essential part of my work. I am fuelled by the energies that different people bring to the studio. I also make music on my own and sometimes it feels amazing and therapeutic, but it can really help to bring someone else on board to drive you to finish and push an idea further. My dream collaboration would be Daft Punk. 

Can you give us your current top 5 dance tracks?

In no particular order:

Martin Solveig “Juliet and Romeo” (just love that record)
Disclosure “Ectsasy” (gives me that old school Kojak feel)
St Jhn “Roses” Imanbek Remix (it just works)
Diplo x Sidepiece “On My Mind” (solid record)
Metronomy “Whitsand Bay” MYD Remix (listening to it right now, magic! Feels so good)

Lastly, anything coming up for Love Harder that we should look out for?

More music! A super fun record, which I never expected to make. The video for “Outta My Head” and so much more… just keep an ear and an eye out ❤️

Love Harder ‘Outta My Head’ ft Julie Bergan is out now on Ultra Music. Download / Stream here: